Wednesday, January 22, 2014

80 Day Countdown Goals, New Circuit Workout and First RSVP's Are In!

Hello all!

It's the final countdown - 80 days until the wedding officially as of today and it is becoming very real that soon Dwayne and I will be husband and wife. I think it will be crazy to tell people that I have a husband. As someone who was never the type of girl who grew up planning her 'dream wedding' it is sort of surreal to think about it coming up so quickly.

80 Days and Counting Until I Say I DO

I am so very excited because the first RSVP's for our wedding have come in through our wedding website. We decided that we were going to do all of our RSVP'ing online through our wedding website instead of with the RSVP cards because, let's face it, people our age do not remember to send RSVP cards back. We just aren't the mailing generation and I make no apologies for that - online is just easier. So we decided to save some time, money and hassle by setting up the RSVP's online through our website portal. At this point we are fairly certain that at least 10 people will be attending the wedding officially. Every time that someone RSVP's I get an email letting me know. I have been checking my e-mail like a crazy person to see if there are new ones.

With less than 3 months to the big day, I feel like it's really time to start getting down to business with my personal preparations. My goals before the wedding are:

  • To really work on toning up my arms and working out consistently 5-6 times a week to be tone for Costa Rica. I want people to think our wedding photos were taken at a gun show. (ha- get it?)
  • Work extra hard on improving my Spanish with an emphasis on speaking and understanding other people to speak completely in Spanish while in Costa Rica.
  • Try to maintain a better skin, hair and teeth care regimen.
So I have started the process of reach these goals.
  • I am using the boost I got from the high altitude in Salt Lake to boost by base exercise threshold and keep it there. Usually I run 3 miles, I have been trying to consistently run 5. The goal here is CONSISTENT. I work out every week but sometimes it's only 2 times because of my schedule and sometimes it's 6. I need to be more focused, purposeful and consistent in my exercise and to not change the way my dress fits!
I have started strong this week so far:
  1. Sunday - 5.19 miles with the future hubby
  2. Monday - 3.68 mile hill run, 1.5 mile hill bike, mild weightlifting
  3. Tuesday - 40 Minute weighted circuit workout
  4. Wednesday - Today's plan is to try that 5 mile run again
  5. Thursday - Heavy lifting day
  6. Friday - Rest Day
  7. Saturday and Sunday - Hopefully nice enough for running outside
    • I did this workout yesterday during my lunch break- came out to be about 40 minutes and really had my heart rate going.
      • Circuit 1 (Perform 3 times)
        • 30 sec Jump Rope
        • 30 sec Box Jumps
        • 15 Burpees
        • 30 sec Jumping Jacks
      • Circuit 2 (perform 3 times)
        • 20 weighted squats
        • 15 jump squats
        • 20 kettle bell walking lunges
        • 10 Burpees
      • Circuit 3 (perform 3 times)
        • 12 pushups
        • 20 mountain climbers
        • 12 shoulder press
        • 1 min plank
      • Circuit 4 (Perform 3 times)
        • 12 Body Weight Dips
        • 12 Lat pull downs
        • 12 Tricep pull downs
  • I have found a few penpals from Costa Rica on to learn some local phrases and areas to see. I have also started reading a new book. A harder level than my last 4-5 books, completely in Spanish.
  • I have spent the last year trying to get my hair healthier with more consistent haircuts, better products and getting rid of some of the heat I use to style it. I am going to start brushing a few times a week with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. A tip from my dentist as a cheap way to whiten and polish your teeth! I really need to focus on moisturizing my skin every day and especially washing my face before bed. I have a terrible habit of not doing this and I know that the healthier my skin is, the better the makeup will look. I just need to get motivated when I am tired.
I am going to try to blog more up until the big day and use my blog to help track my workouts. Did you try my circuit workout? How did you do? What did you think?

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