Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day and LMWL Challenge

Hi all,

I have to start by saying that I am disappointed in two things. One of them being that labor day weekend is over and the other is that no one took me up on the free race entry for the Isabella Santos 5k in Ballentyne. C'mon people, no one wants a free race entry? No strings, honestly it's just free. If you want to reconsider, here is the blog post with instructions on how to enter and I will extend the deadline until the race comes or I get an entry. LOL.

Labor day weekend was exactly what I needed, 3 days sleeping under the stars camping on Kerr Island. My fiance and I plus 2 other couples went camping and had an amazing time just disconnecting from the outside world a bit, eating all of our food cooked over a fire and lounging in a hammock.

It was great because I really felt I could relax and didn't HAVE to do anything. I let myself eat whatever I wanted including yummy s'mores and goldfish crackers. It was excellent and an important reminder that some times you need to let yourself fully relax. One long weekend of relaxation and indulgence isn't going to cause major problems. It may actually help you in the long run because stress can be a killer. However, this morning it was back on track and up at 5:45 to do a 45 minutes HIIT routine in my living room from Fitness Blender.com. It wasn't as high impact as I had hoped but I have to remember that I did 4 minutes of burpees and pushup before 7 this morning, did you?

Kerr lake was great, I mean seriously, look at the view we woke up to every morning.

The dog also had an amazing time, although we did realize that he is not the strongest swimmer. I think he had a pretty traumatic experience in the lake but was enjoying all the attention.

When we got home, I was so excited to see that my bridal headpiece had come in! I ordered a handmade hairpiece and birdcage veil off of Etsy.com and it is exactly what I had hoped. I am officially in love with it.

It was the perfect weekend to have right before we hit the 7 month mark before the wedding. This is the time that I really feel I should buckle down and start taking better care of my skin, teeth, hair and body than I am now because pretty soon I am going to be photographed like crazy and those photos are for life. So, about a week ago a friend of mine shared a link to a "Live More- Weigh Less" 28-day challenge with Sarah Jenks which is less of a weight loss challenge and more of a ways to improve your life in a healthy way challenge.

I got the first email today and basically what it does is share with you a challenge to do everyday to make your life more healthful. I have to say, I like the challenges for the first week.

Today's challenge is to buy yourself flowers!
Wednesdays - To start your day with a green smoothie
Thursday - There's a video (not sure what this is)
Friday - Eat without distraction, no tv, no phone - just food
Saturday  -Take a hike
Sunday - Watch the sunset

I definitely think that these are things I can do and some sound wonderful! Let's see how far I get and if I actually remember to document it : ) I hope you all had a wonderful long weekend!