Friday, January 24, 2014

Kudos to Lindsey Vonn

Hi all,

I saw an article this morning and I need to give credit to one, Ms. Lindsey Vonn! For those of you who may not know Lindsey Vonn, she is an Olympic Alpine Skier for the US Winter Olympics team. She is also the girlfriend of Tiger Woods. One of those attributes I am in full support of, the other I am not, bet you can guess which one! : )

However, she did an interview with SELF magazine that is getting some press regarding her feelings about body image and her level of self esteem.

While she did admit that sometimes she feels very self conscious because she is around stick thin models a lot, that she realizes that she is healthier than they are. I believe she used the term "Skinny-Fat" which is supposed to mean that while these women may be at or probably under their ideal weight for their height, they lack muscle tone because that "waifish" thin style is more appropriate for this rich and famous according to the standards.

I don't condone name calling or really putting a label on anyone's weight or body shape, so I am not sure how I feel about the phrase "Skinny-Fat". I know that everyone is different but I do have to say that I am glad to hear more and more women every day stepping up to say that strong and healthy is the new sexy norm.

Personally I would easily prefer to be strong and an Olympic athlete staring down the peak of a huge mountain than walk down a runway while people look at me and judging how clothes look on body. So kudos to you Lindsey Vonn for being yet another woman that I would want the young girls of America to look up to and strive to be.  Keep it up!

You will be my inspiration as I am lifting my weights today : )

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