Monday, March 3, 2014

Wedding Fever Update & an Update on Caleb!

Hi everyone!

We are officially, as of today, 40 days away from the Waite Wedding. I am getting so excited because everything is starting to come together and especially giddy because my bachelorette party is this weekend!

My friend offered to allow us to use her families beach house in Wilmington for the weekend and so a group of 7 friends are heading to the beach on Friday. I am extra excited because my best friend since college and Maid of Honor April, is flying in from NYC! I pick her up from the airport and we are on our way to a weekend of fun!

This photo pretty much sums up our friendship.

We have almost all of our RSVP's in and it's looking like we are going to end up with a  pretty good crowd of folks! I can't wait to experience just how fun this day is going to be!

I am sure after the bachelorette party, I am going to start going stir crazy because there will be no more little milestones along the way to look forward to. Instead, we will only have the BIG DAY to look forward to. Those are going to be a loooong 30 days!

Luckily, one of the best things to do to burn off nervous energy is to exercise and I will be doing a lot of that in the next month to make sure I feel great on my wedding day. It would be nice if the weather would cooperate a little bit more because Charlotte is playing the game where it can't decide if it wants to be nice or terrible outside. So, one day it will be 70 and sunny (can't complain about that) and then the next day it will be 30 and raining. (Lame) But, at least I got a chance to get a good run in this weekend!

On Sunday, my running buddy Catie and I went for an easy run on East Blvd in Charlotte. It's flat and relatively easy to run and we got in a solid 3.6 miles for my buddy Caleb!


For those of who didn't read my last post, I recently was matched up with a little boy named Caleb through This site matches physically disabled people with runners who will dedicate their exercise to them! Catie is waiting to be matched too and we had a great run in honor of Caleb!

He is even cheering me on with this sweet new tshirt!

Luckily, I have one too!
I can't wait to update you all through the next month up until the big day. We could use all the good thoughts we can get that everything goes smoothly!

If anyone has any advice on things to remember, do, try, etc. 30 days out from your wedding, I would appreciate it in the comments!