Friday, March 14, 2014

Help me pick my new look! Warby Parker Glasses Selection

Hi lovely blog readers! Happy Friday!

This blog is about health and fitness but that sometimes can mean something different than exercise or healthy eating. What about taking care of the other parts of your body? Your ears or eyes? Today's post will be about exactly that- a special new treat for the health of my eyes!

A couple of my friends have told me about this site to buy new glasses called Warby Parker. Warby Parker helps you to find inexpensive glasses online to try on at home for free. You decide what styles you like to keep and send the rest back.

Their website explains who they are like this:

"Warby Parker was founded with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective: to create boutique-quality, classically crafted eyewear at a revolutionary price point."

I searched the whole site trying to force myself to stay away from the style that I always gravitate to-black frames, rectangular shape. I looked at different sizes, shapes and colors. I am branching out people! I saw that the ones I liked ranged from $95-$135 for frames and prescription lenses. For anyone who knows the terribleness that is vision insurance, seeing a cost that low is a welcome development. As I read more about the company, I realized that I can also feel really great about buying from them because for every pair of glasses you buy, they will donate a pair to someone in need! Say what!?

What a cool concept! I am in need of a new pair of glasses because a certain dog of mine, who shall remain nameless, ate mine a few months back. I am choosing to believe it's because he missed me but secretly I think it's because he was mad at me for leaving him alone for a few hours. Vindictive dogs, ya know? I got him back though as evidenced by his festive toe nail polish for St Pattys Day tomorrow. Mwaha!

So basically how it works is that you go on the site and pick up to 5 styles that you want shipped to your house for free with no prescription. You try them all and then choose the one you want and they will send you a new pair with the frame you like and your prescription! I have had the same style for a really long time and so I decided to try some styles that were a bit out of my comfort zone to see what I think.
I have five days to choose which one I want to keep. The race is on to pick my new style! Will you help? Comment below and let me know which ones you think I should choose!
Please excuse my awful hair and messy kitchen in the background. It's been a long week.
Langston 102 style- Black Crystal
This one is pretty close to my usual style- small, rectangular, thick black frames.
Baxter 730 - Pinot Noir Color
These are like nothing I have ever had before but I am kind of digging them! I also like the name, reminds me of Anchorman. "Baxter, you know I don't speak Spanish! In English please!"
Colton Rev 102 - Black Crystal
Sorry for the terrible glare on these ones!
Walker 200- Whiskey Tortoise
I really liked the shape of these ones and they are tortoise colored which is quite a step from my normal black.
Reece 350- Navy
Pretty close to my old ones except in a different color. Navy!
 Alrighty! Chances are I will be stuck with these for quite some time, unless Hero gets to them again. So! I would love to hear your opinions on which ones you like best! Comment below and I will let you know which ones I pick based on your suggestions in 5 days! : )

Monday, March 10, 2014

Bachelorette Party! 33 Days and Counting

Hello all!

I am so pumped to write this post because I get to tell you about my wonderful bachelorette party! There is officially 33 days left until the wedding and I could barely contain how excited I was to have my bachelorette party this weekend at the beach.

My friend Elena, who I have known since college, has a beach house that she was kind enough to let us use and so on Friday night we packed up the car, got some 90's jams and took the 4 hour drive from Charlotte to the beach. The weekend wouldn't have been complete without picking up my best friend and Maid of Honor, April, who I was ecstatic could make it down. I feel so lucky to get to see her so much lately! We have lived in different states since college ended which makes me sad but I was so happy to spend the weekend with her!

We got to the beach house and my other friends Kat and Elena has the place decorated for our arrival.
Including my favorite snack-chocolate covered pretzels!
After everyone arrived, we all had drinks and dinner at the house to get to know one another and catch up. We were all pretty tired from the drive - I had friends come in from Charlotte and Raleigh which is 3-4 hours to the beach so we were all a little exhausted.
It was great because everyone felt like they already knew each other because of all the stories they had heard. I was so pumped for Kat and April to meet each other!
April and Kat finally meet!
Of course, we couldn't end the night without an Oscar Selfie attempt either.
I was Bradley Cooper.
The next day was the main event and Kat and Elena had planned for us to have a private yoga session at a studio on the beach.
It was an awesome relaxing vinyassa class in a bright studio. An hour of friends relaxing, breathing and sharing in the power of yoga. At the end of the class we did a 5 minute meditation on the ground and the instructor came over to me with lavender oil her hands and put pressure on my shoulders and neck - I swear I almost fell asleep! So relaxing!
I did wear my I RUN 4 CALEB tshirt also and kept him and his family updated on my trip since I wouldn't be running. We all showed our support for little Caleb and his plight for health!
After the class, we walked down to the beach to see the waves and take it all in. The water was a bit too cold to wade into but the beach scene was so relaxing. The fresh air and sound of the waves was the perfect way to end the class.
Afterwards we went and got brunch at this lovely little beach side restaurant. We all ordered Mimosa's and they were probably 95% champagne and 5% orange juice which I think we were all okay with : )
The food was amazing! They had salt and pepper chips which are the best kind of potato chip, hands down.
We spent the rest of the day walking around the downtown Wilmington area which had some really cute little shops and resell stores. It was a great way to spend the day and with the weather being 70 degrees, walking around was such a pleasure.
This was the best sign we saw
We even found a dog store where I could get some treats for the little man!
A terrible pun
Around 6 we all got ready to go out for dinner and drinks to cap the weekend and this was the part I was looking forward to the most!
We had dinner at a place called Circa 1920 and it was a tapas, family style restaurant with some of the best food I have ever had in my life. We had a waiter who was trying to be funny - it didn't really work but the effort was there.
Sorry for the dark and blurry photo
We hit a bunch of the local bars and met some interesting people. We even found one place that had a photo booth so of course, we had to partake.
In the morning we headed back to Charlotte and I had to get April back to the airport which made me really sad because I value our time together so much but I know that I will get to see her again in 33 days for the BIG EVENT!
The fact that these girls came out and were willing to spend their time celebrating and supporting me meant more to me than I could say. Sometimes I have a hard time letting people know what they mean to me and that their efforts are so appreciated. That is why this blog post is so necessary because everyone of them needs to know how much I value them in my life and how their support of my marriage to Dwayne means the world to me.
To everyone that attended and helped make my bachelorette party special, I love you and I thank you so much for everything!