Monday, November 11, 2013

5 Months and 36 days

Hello all!

First, let me start by recapping my weekend because it was ridiculously fun. Dwayne and I go to Greensboro every year around this time to celebrate Homecoming at this Alma Mater, Elon. It is always a ton of fun to get together with all of his old friends and teachers. This year was no exception. There was food, drinks, friends and music.

and there was even a photo booth, so of course, because Dwayne and I are basically 5 year olds, we had to do it.

The best part about the weekend, in my opinion, was that it was almost as if we had just gotten engaged again. We were seeing people that we haven't seen in a year, who hadn't seen us since we were engaged and so we got a lot of congratulations and hugs. It was great! I almost forgot how great it was to be newly engaged. Everyone is so happy for you. You get the occasional marriage nay-sayer but that's usually someone who has tried and failed a few times, so I don't pay much attention.

In all the wedding talk, I realized that the time is really ticking down to the big day. Tomorrow will mark the 5 month mark. We are less than half a year away and honestly, that blows my mind. It all seems to have gone so fast!

Even more awesomely, is that I have 36 days left until my bridal portraits with the amazingly talented Rachel Tokarski.

I seriously cannot wait for the holidays because in this two week period, we will have our menu tasting, hair and makeup trial, bridal portraits, bridal shower and so much more to complete our wedding planning.

I can't wait!!