Thursday, March 17, 2011


WOW! How long has it been since I have blogged? Way too long I think but the last few weeks have just been insane! Last week was spring break and I had to get down to Charlotte for the National Sales Meeting of the company I am going to be working for starting May 2nd. I was really lucky that it happened to be in Charlotte and not at one of the other subsidiaries because it meant that I got to spend over a week with my boyfriend and get the final touches put on our soon to be living together type situation.

Let me start off by saying that I can not wait to live down in Charlotte. I never considered myself to be a southern type of person but thats what happens when you grow up your entire life in the boondocks of the Allegheny national forest. It really is a beautiful city and while I absolutely love PIttsburgh and all those that are in it.. I feel that it is truly time to move on and put on my big girl pants.

If I wasnt sure enough already, this last week certainly solidified the notion of moving. Even though it rained half the time, that light rain was certainly not the same as the snow that Pittsburgh was getting at that exact same moment. I have never been happier to stand in rain and the other half of the week it was sunny and in the 60's and 70's. We spent a few hours on my last day there sipping coffee outside of an awesome little coffee shop and walking around one of our most traveled parks. It was amazing to see how active the city of Charlotte really is.. 1 nice day and I saw everyone outside running, playing volleyball (in some amazingly disgusting shorts.. c'mon guys), walking dogs, roller blading and walking with strollers. You dont see that around Pittsburgh really.. you see the random crazy person that runs outside in the snow and rain but those are few and far between. Now I cant really blame anyone for not wanting to be outside and active because weather plays a huge roll! Its easy to be outside when its sunny and warm..its not so easy when 8 months out of the year is overcast skies, rain or snow.

I really think that living in Charlotte will make me healthier in the long run because there are so many more ways in which to be active through out the year and plus I will be happier embarking on a new adventure! I will have to change my work out routine though because I want to be able to spend the nights with Dwayne after work.. so I fear I may have to become ..duh duh duuuuuh a morning exerciser..gasp!! That will be hard to get used to haha

Meeting everyone I am going to be working with was great too. Although the conference was full of delicious treats that were very hard to say no too and as it turns out.. I didnt say now to them. I even found myself eating cereal bars and cookies just because they were there. A trap I always seem to fall in because well I am bad with temptation but I am back into my exercise routine now and I actually ran 6 miles yesterday!! WOO!! personal best for myself which I am very excited about!

Dwayne and I went to a health food store at the end of the week though and it kind of rekindled my love for health food and the stores that sell them. This place was awesome! You could make your own natural peanut butter, pick from 12 different kinds of natural maple syrup and there was a whole wall of loose grain rice! There wasnt a single processed food in the place and it was glorious. Its so easy to be inspired by healthy people and healthy eating in a place like that!

All in all I am very excited to start a new chapter in my life and see where it takes me. I want to thank everyone that is supporting me in this change. You are all wonderful and I love you!