Saturday, October 26, 2013

Blo Media Day

Hi all!!

Extra special blog post today because I have to give a shout out to a new business that opened in Charlotte. I have been waiting for a place like this all of my life. Blo hair studio just opened in Charlotte and this hair bar offers inexpensive styling like blow outs and up-dos without being a full salon.

The did a soft opening this weekend and invited some bloggers and media folks from the city to come and check it out.

I was super lucky to get to be one of the bloggers they invited and check the place out and it was perfect because we are invited to a Halloween party tonight and so I had an excuse to get a funkier style.
When I arrived I immediately started looking around because the style and feel of the place was very unique.

I even had a chance to look at their hair menu which consisted of the paired down list of hair services that they provided. I decided to go for the rockin modern side pony.
I got matched up with a stylist named Sharon and we were off with a relaxing shampoo and to discuss the style that I wanted.  Sharon set to work and was so nice! She offered me a mimosa (which I took of course) and magazines. She also was kind enough to take a real interest in my wedding plans which was awesome.
Work it Sharon!
I managed to snap a shot somewhere in the middle of the process with my hair half done. Ridiculously sexy right? hmm..maybe not.
When she was done, I had the cutest hairstyle that she made sure to spray so it would last through Halloween festivities.
Great job Sharon!
So all in all, here are the before and after shots

At the very end when I was leaving, they offered me a delicious looking sugar cookie. As you know, if you are an avid reader, I am an advocate for the 80/20 rule which means I dug into that cookie like no ones business.
 It was an absolutely fabulous way to start off my weekend and I was happy to be a part of it!

If anyone wants to check out Blo Bar, I sincerely encourage it because it would be a great opportunity right before an event or a wedding if you can't do anything with your own hair like me : )

Here is their website:
Facebook :


  1. Love it!!! Wish I could have attended as well, but was traveling. Definitely going to check them out though!

    1. You should Andi! It was an awesome little place