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I love talking with like minded people who care about their health and fitness.. I am not saying you have to be running 7 miles a day but just someone whose interested and wants to continue to learn about what works for them. I would love to answer questions or thoughts on my blog, health, working out of life.. DM me @mackenziefarone on Twitter or if you dont have a Twitter account email me @ : ) Please, please , please no ads or spam.. I dont want to buy your acia berry whatever..real people only! : )


If you want some more information about alternative ways to stay active.. check this out!

Websites You Should Check Out For Information About Staying Active

Walls Are Bad are some pretty hilarious characters that will keep you posted on all the outside and cheap events that are happening all over the burgh!

This is the website for the public market in the strip district. Open on the weekends and full of local farmers and vendors!

Breath and Release helps people that just need a little inspiration

Operation beaufitul is an amazing concept that is meant to spread self esteem. Please check out this website and get involved.. all you need is a post it note, a pen and a public place to put it!

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