Monday, May 20, 2013

We chose our wedding bands! and a healthy baking day!

I am sad that the weekend has to end because it was wonderfully relaxing and exciting. We are slowly ticking things off of our to-do list for the wedding and this weekend was no exception. When we first got engaged, I was looking for a place to get my ring sized because it was too big - I called 5 different places, getting discouraged because I kept hearing that my ring was going to have to be shipped out for 2 weeks or more and would cost me a pretty penny. Now as you can imagine, when you just get engaged, you do NOT want your ring off your finger for 2-4 weeks, that's what everyone wants to look at! So, I kept searching and found a local shop in Charlotte's NoDa district called CUSTOM. On a whim, I took it in and thought it was at least worth asking what they could do. Amazingly, they told me it would take 2 days and cost considerably less money and they did an amazing job! So, of course, we went back there as a first stop to find our wedding bands! Again I am amazed with this place - they had exactly what we were looking for in Dwayne's band and they are going to custom create mine for a VERY reasonable price. I seriously suggest that anyone in Charlotte, go and check this place out!

Dwayne signing the paperwork!
Earlier in the day we got some family exercise by taking the pup on a long walk at McApline park. I love that we are so close to such an awesome park facility. It's kind of hard to tell, who is walking who here?

Hero always gets really excited for the 1st 5 minutes of walks. He wants to sniff everything, meet everyone and he darts from side to side. Once he calms down, he walks much more nicely but unfortunately that is still the bit of training we need to hammer home with him. We walked about 2 miles and made some friends along the way. I am going to try and start morning walks with Hero to get us both some morning exercise, however, getting my butt out of bed at 615am is tricky : )

We ended up with one tired puppy!

Sunday I went to the Dowd YMCA, which is an absolutely stunning facility. They even have a swimsuit dryer in the locker rooms! No joke. I really enjoy working out in the YMCA facilities, they are always clean, full of friendly people and have more equipment and classes than a fitness enthusiast could dream of! I ran a 5k on the hill course because I have a 5k coming up in a few weeks, that's right folks - its the beginning of race season! A group of us are doing the color run!

When I got home, it was rainy and dreary and I thought, what a perfect day for baking! Dwayne was gone all day so I started looking up some recipes (thanks pinterest!) Everything (aside from the blondies they came from a box) is sweetened naturally with bananas or strawberries. MMM! I can a big slice for breakfast this morning and managed to hide some away so that it's not entirely gone by the time I get home. I have a hungry fiance! : )

Chocolate chip blondies, apple banana bread and strawberry muffins!

Hopefully, with today being another rainy, dreary day - I won't feel bad about spending a good hour or so at the gym. I don't know about you guys but I always feel bad going to the gym when it's super nice outside because I feel like I should be spending time outside but its just more conveniant to get to the gym. Do you ever feel that way?

Next on the wedding to-do list is to find an Officiant and a spot for the rehearsal dinner. Any suggestions? Let us know!!