Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Warby Parker Winner and the 4 Week Wedding Countdown!

Hi everyone,

Ok so my last post warranted a lot of responses from my friends and it was a tight race between two styles but at the end of the day, one style won out with the most support.

The winner is...

These are pretty much the same style I have always had but they were my favorite too. What can I say? I know what I like! These should be here within the week and I am really happy to not have to wear my crappy, bent ones from 8th grade anymore.

Wedding Update

So, we are down to only 25 days until the wedding and I have to say that it's a stressful time. Of course, anyone who has planned a wedding before warned me of this already. It's a game of trying to remember everything while slowly running out of time to get it all done. There are just so many small, tiny details that you want to make sure you get done so that everyone has a great time.

We are moving right along though. I am happy to say that we are slowly getting the last few RSVP's in now. I now feel the pain of every person that I waited until the last minute to RSVP to. To anyone that I have done this to, I sincerely apologize. We are trying to track down about 12 people for answers still but I am sure we will get there.

At least I felt like we had pretty much everyone so I finally got to design our place cards! It was relaxing to get this one off the list because I had fun designing them. What do you think?


I also was able to finalize the programs which I hope to get printed this weekend since my mom informed me that there is no Kinko's anywhere near her to print them in Pittsburgh. They are 6 pages long - I may have gone a little overboard : / Oops! They are filled with fun things to keep our guests preoccupied while they are waiting. If people weren't being silly, it just wouldn't be our wedding.
Thanks for the idea Pinterest!
I finalized the rehearsal dinner and set up meetings with my photographer and the venue the week of the wedding. Probably the best part of the week was that I got some new clothes for the beach and I finally decided it was okay to spend some money on a new bathing suit for the honeymoon.
Dwayne and I also worked on getting the music together for our ceremony. This was one of the easier decisions that we had out of the way pretty early and I can't wait to hear it all put together. We are really putting our own personalities into our ceremony music and going non-traditional which makes me super excited. It will be a surprise to all the attendees, I will let you all know once the wedding is over. I don't want to ruin the fun!
 Health and Fitness Update
While I will admit that most of my brain space has been filled with issues relating to the wedding and creating way more lists than one human being could ever possibly need, I have still been trying to focus on my health up to the wedding.
I have mostly been using exercise as a way to combat the stress of it all. Mostly, I have been working on ways to get ready for all the photos that we are going to take. So, now that we are within that 4 week countdown - I have been trying to focus on some things I don't normally worry about.
1. Teeth whitening - I refuse to spend $50 on the strips so I actually changed toothpastes and talked to my dentist about more natural ways to whiten my teeth. He said that brushing once a week with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda can make a real difference. I have been trying it and I think its a great and much more economical way to get this done. I have also stopped drinking coffee and attempted to drink red wine through a straw last night : ) I do have my priorities.
2. Skin Care - I have tried desperately to take better care of my skin. Washing my face before bed, moisturizing more often. It's hard for me because, well, I am lazy at night. My end goal is really the pillow and if there are 5 steps in the way of that - it's disheartening. I am trying though, I swear!
3. Stress - I have been trying (sometimes totally unsuccessfully) to remain as stress free as possible as this day gets closer. Exercising, taking opportunities to just do nothing and I have actually invested in...drum roll please.. a mouth guard. My dentist told me that the stress of my job over the past few years has made me clench my teeth at night which are causing them to crack. The wedding is also not helping in this department. If I don't get a night guard, I will get a root canal which sounds awful. So I am going ultra stylish and picked one up.
4. Exercising - With the wedding so close, it's becoming imperative that I don't gain or lose any weight so that my dress fits correctly. I have been playing a game of trying to tone up while not losing weight or adding bulk. I think it's going well so far with a mix of cardio and functional weight lifting. Yay kettle bells! 
So, if anyone has any helpful hints or stories about what it was like the 3-4 weeks before their wedding, I would love to hear them! Comment below and share!