Since, this blog started out in Pittsburgh and has since moved to Charlotte, I think it only fair if I give my favorite places to work out at both locations!

In the Queen City (Charlotte)

FTF- Fit to Fight

This is a recently expanded Krav Maga gym on Monroe Rd in Charlotte. The atmosphere is wonderful and they offer the boxing/training style classes that I really enjoyed in Pittsburgh. I really enjoyed the workouts that I did here and they also offer free classes for women on personal safety!


FlyBarre is located in SouthPark (at least the one I went to) and it is part of a larger FlyWheel gym which offers a new spin on 'spinning' classes or indoor cycling. I took one FlyBarre class and my legs and abs were sore for a week. These classes are ridiculously awesome.

Charlotte YMCA
I am a HUGE fan of the YMCA system wherever I lived. They have amazing facilities and you can use them all over the country, there is usually one close to wherever you are that you can go to under your membership. I consistently fluctuate between 3 different YMCA facilities just in Charlotte! They offer a wide variety of classes from pilates, total strength to aerobics and thai chi. I highly recommend trying out a YMCA near you!

I have tried about a million yoga studios in Charlotte but none have really made me feel as comfortable as Breathe Yoga Studio in Pittsburgh. Do you have a yoga studio you find to be the most relaxing that you think I should try? Email Me!

In the City of Bridges ( Pittsburgh)

Breathe Yoga Studio is my absolute favorite yoga studio in the Pittsburgh area. Its located on East Carson street in the South Side. They have super cheap student discounts and the instructors are amazing. They offer all levels, outdoor classes in multiple locations and even live music!

YMCA of Downtown Pittsburgh

The YMCA of downtown offers a large pool, many classes from early in the morning to late at night. Its a brand new facility that offers a lot of cardio equipment and lifting opportunities.

Bulldog Boxing

Bull Dog Boxing offers kick boxing classes at a very small, personally owned gym. There are women's aerobics classes and open boxing. Its a very fun and friendly atmosphere. Call Dave at 412 992 8762


I have tried Zumba at many places and I have loved most of them but here are my favorites:

Fit Fusion Group Fitness - This class is in Mckeesport and its for those of you who may be starting out and want to get lost in the back of the crowd until you learn the moves. There are a lot of people in the classes and they offer toning also depending on what class you go to.

Latin Rythems Zumba Fitness - This class I used to go to with my friends every Tuesday. Its a smaller studio but it dedicated to only Zumba. The classes are fast paced and fun and there are truly people of all shapes, sizes and ages. We went to the Hip Hop classes but there are many offered and trust me I had some 50+ ladies shakin their hips better than my friends and I could! Get it ladies!