My Routines

Alrighty guys I wanted to start off this section by telling you the first work out I ever did to start this journey of fitness. It was actually a work out that a buddy of mine found online and he said he would help me get back into shape. This work out what the same work out that T.O. does during his off season!

All you need is a jump rope, free weights and some space. This is basically a circuit workout that will keep your heart rate up and also work major muscle groups.

- 20 push ups
- 25 sit ups
- 30 Jumping Jacks
- 15 bicep curls
- 15 shoulder press
- 15 squats

In between each of these exercises, you add 1 minute of jump rope in between. You do this 3 times around and you will have done about 40 minutes of cardio! You will feel great afterwards!

Week of June 26th, 2013

3.1 Mile Hill Run (treadmill)
10 Push ups
10 Dips
Repeat Push ups and Dips 5 times
25 Minutes Elliptical Hills
1 Min Jump Rope/1 Min Lifting Circuit (Abs and Legs)

5 mile hill run

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