Monday, August 12, 2013

Working Out at Home and Some Fun! Wedding Crafts!

This weekend was absolutely fabulous because I feel like we made some real progress on wedding planning. We decided where we wanted to go for the honeymoon ( I will share when we actually have something booked) and made some decisions about the songs we would like for the ceremony. I shared them with my bridal party and I was told that one of them made my mom cry listening to it so I guess we have a winner!

My friend Kat and I also spent our Sunday evening crafting! I am not so good at crafting but with some good ideas from Kat and the use of her hot glue gun, I was able to turn my supplies into a flower girl basket for my niece Sydney.
So with a little bit of help I turned this stuff...

Into this lovely flower girl basket!

So, let's put this all together folks. That would be the cutest, little flower girl basket for the cutest little girl ever!


I also managed to make it to the Farmer's Market on Sunday and pick up a whole new batch of produce. I am so happy that Fall is coming bringing plenty of squash and sweet potatoes with it!

I also used the fresh local peaches to make some Peach Cafloutis for dessert. MMM....

On Saturday I didn't feel like going to the gym, it was just one of those days where it was very hot outside, the gym seemed really far away and honestly I didn't want to get in the car to go. I ended up seeing if I could find something to do online in my living room. I stumbled upon what seems like a really awesome site that has catered workouts that you can do with no equipment.

The site is called and I was able to find a 40 minutes workout to do in my living room that included burpees, jumping jacks, jumping lunges, mountain climbers. This was awesome because normally I do not like working out at home because I feel like I am not afforded the space to move around enough.

It was a pretty good workout and my arms are ever sore afterwards so I know I got some real work in. Starting in a few weeks, Dwayne will be getting up earlier than me to start his new job! (CONGRATS!) and so I will have a wake up call around 6am. I am thinking of using these videos to start getting exercise in the mornings before work.

This week I will be writing an educational post on Protein! I am 'crafting' it now but I want to make sure that all the information I present is relevant and correct so keep your eyes pealed!