Monday, November 22, 2010

Light up Night Violence?

Good Morning everyone!!

First off let me say that I am so excited because this week is a three day work week because of the holidays! Short work weeks are the best.. its like the work week itself is a mini vacation because everyone seems to move at a slower pace, some people are gone.. and no one( well mostly no one) will bother getting angry about anything because their week is almost over and then they get 5 days off : )

I am also excited because I get to see my other half this week. (YIPPEE!!!) I love that we get to spend the holidays together.. I think its sharing something special and this year he is even venturing back to my hometown with me for the day to hang out with my family. I am so excited to be with all my favorite people at one time!

I am getting nervous because my gym will be closed thursday through Monday and I will be surrounded by amazingly good food and I minute amount of time and ability to exercise. Do the holidays make anyone else feel out of your healthy routine? My solution is going to be to work out as hard as I can Monday through Wednesday and then try to keep the pies and cookies to just Thanksgiving day in moderation and not take any leftovers. Although my family is Italian so that may not be a possability.

This weekend was awesome because it was full of friends and good food. Friday was "Light up Night" and for those of you who may be reading as non Pittsburgh Natives... Light up Night is the one weekend a year where they close off downtown and everyone can wander around seeing Christmas festivities and see the unvieling of the displays in the Macys windows. My friends Marlee,Sarah and I went down to check it out..

Sarah is on the left, Marlee Right

The crowds were crazy!! But the Christmas trees everywhere were amazing!

Inside PNC Plaza
Market Square

PNC Plaza

PPG Place

We did a ton of walking around (which was not helped by the fact that my legs were sore) and at the end of the night got to see some fireworks : )
Apparently what we missed was the gang violence and riots that broke out on Sixth and Wood Street? I had no idea this even happened until the next morning when people were commenting on my facebook page. Can you believe that we have lost so much respect for ourselves and any sense of morality that some punk kid would open fire in a public place where children were coming to meet Santa Clause? It really makes me sick..

Want to read about the story? Check it out.