Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Should Politics and Personal Health Share A Bed?

Good Morning folks!!

I have a feeling that today is going to be an absolutely wonderful day! The snow is off the roads in Pittsburgh and its supposed to warm up into the 40 and 50's for the rest of the week. I am making great progress on my school work.. SO CLOSE TO BEING DONE! Its midterms next week and spring break the week after ( I dont get a spring break bc I work but still) and that means that I only have two months left until I can officially call myself an MBA Graduate : ) : ) I had a great hill work out yesterday that made me so tired and it felt good to feel that again. Plus I am waiting to hopefully hear some good news by the end of the week.

Now, If you follow my twitter account (which I think you should please.. @fitnessnat ) you might have seen a tweet from me a few days ago talking about Rush Limbaugh and his yet again misguided speech regarding Michelle Obama. Basically, Rush condemned Michelle for taking her kids to a ribs restaurant and having junk food at a superbowl party because she is at the front of the fighting childhood obesity movement.

Here is one of the articles regarding the rant :

Again I will state that I dont understand why any sane person would want to squash someones efforts to make our youth healthier? I dont buy the "nanny state" bullshit.. if the NFL starts the 60 minutes of play campaign, they are idolized because theyre getting kids moving and into sports. If Michelle Obama suggests it.. shes creating a socialist nanny state. C'mon people.. The truth of the matter is that overall health is teaching your kids how to even eat junk food sensibly. It is not a realistic notion to say that in their lives, kids will never be exposed to junk food and so its better to show them how to eat it sensibly, work it off through activity and eat it in moderation.

Although I choose to believe that no one would take Rush Limbaughs rants seriously because the man is an absolute nut case. I do find irony in the fact that a man who has had health problems himself and would be considered moribedly obese would be considered in any way an qualified person to have an opinion on american health. Listen Rush, No one wants to see you on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue either..yeesh : / ..Get YOUR weight, high blood pressure and chest pains under control and then maybe we'll talk about a small section in the back of the mag...with a few rules.. no pictures and oh we dont want you opinion on anything.

So with health care being a rising debate in the past few years.. Do you think that politics should have a say in your health? Do you think that Michelle should be allowed to make suggestions about how to make your kids active or help put laws in to place to create healthier school lunches? To be honest, I dont think America as a whole is doing such a great job of this on its own.. so maybe we need a push.. but I want to know what you think!

Comment below and let me know what your thoughts are.. do you agree or disagree?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Is it okay to take a break from exercise?

Good morning folks,

This morning is a rainy, dreary and cold presidents day in da burgh. I am trying not to let the rainy cold weather get me down because I had a fabulous sunny and warm weekend. I went down to Charlotte to spend the weekend with my other half, apartment hunt and interview for a job. Everyone keep your fingers crossed on all those aspects.

Last week was stressful, I was traveling all over, going to work and class at the same time and I have to admit that I just didnt feel much like exercising. I had zero time to get groceries so I was grabbing everything on the run which usually doesnt lead to the best choices for eating. Now, a week later, ta-da! I can feel a cold coming on..

While I don't feel stressed out mentally, I know that my body is saying otherwise. I was feeling run down which is why I took the week off from exercising last week. Its strange though, the feelings of guilt that come with taking a week off. Any avid exerciser or person trying to lose weight, gets this sense of feeling guilty when they dont exercise. You know you should because, hey I have that 30 minutes in between work and class.. and I could fit in three miles.. but does that mean you should? If its a week thats already very taxing on your body, should you push it even further? Where does it cross the line between helping your energy during the day and zapping it?

Well I realized that while it was a good idea to let my body rest, I left out an integral part of the process. Even if you arent exercising, you should eat right..and I wasnt doing that everyday. I think its even more important to eat correctly when youre not exercising to keep you energy up naturally and keep your body in top shape to fight the illness. A lesson that I am hoping not to learn the hard way.

Also, I can tell that all this stress and shortened workouts from a busy schedule are making me hold onto weight which I am not happy about. I know I can be a wonderwoman and do it all and I want to.. bc work, class, my relationship, exercise, job hunting ,etc are all things that deserve my full attention and I will do my best to do it.I mean life would be pretty boring without a full plate right?

So I am filling myself with tea, vitamin C, water and soup and I am hitting the gym hard today in an attempt to sweat everything out! Hopefully, I wake up tomorrow and feel like a hundred bucks.