Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hey, Does Your Blog Look Different?

Hello all!

You may have noticed that my blog has changed, ever so slightly. I realized that the blogspot has some more dynamic blog looks and I decided to play around. I really like the new one and I am hoping that it will help make the different older blog posts more accessible to folks. In other words, feel free to look around! ; )

I didn't intend for my workout yesterday to be a killer but it definitely was! I am a huge advocate for circuit training and have recently really tried to put it into my routine pretty often because the Spartan Race in the Poconos is coming up in a few weeks. (gulp)

It looked something like this if you want to try- I promise it will leave you sweaty and the constant change from one exercise to another makes it pretty face paced!

25 Minutes Elliptical Hills
5 - Uphill Sprints for 30 seconds year (equals 5 minutes 30 sec sprint/30 sec rest)
1 Minute Jump rope
10 Push Ups
10 Lunges
1 Minute Jump rope
1 Minute Plank
10 Dips
25 Sit ups

Repeat circuit at least 3 times! It was over before I knew it and I was on fire afterwards!

So, for those of you who read my post yesterday, I am sorry to announce that the package that I had waiting for me at home was not full of nutritious freebies but was full of something just as good! I had forgotten that a few weeks ago, I had ordered a hard cover book for our engagement photos with the hopes of it being used as our guest book.

However, when it came, it was much smaller than I thought it would be - darn. I think that the use of the black and white photos make it quite romantic though so perhaps we can use it as a coffee table book.

I guess I am still waiting for my health food delivery and in the mean time I am going to keep chipping away at stuff for the wedding and keep on jumping on that treadmill. Aroo!!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Love with Food = the Birchbox for Health Food

First of all let me say how wonderfully happy and excited I was to find that so many people had opinions similar to mine on the American Medical Association making obesity officially a disease. Truly I was concerned that my outlook could cause some people to get angry or offended but the chance of ruffling a few feathers is never a reason to not voice an opinion. Plus, obviously if you are reading this blog it is because you care, even if only ever so slightly, about my opinion on health, fitness and current events. So number 1, thank you to everyone who gave their opinion and number 2, woohoo for other people realizing how necessary it is to make a change as a society.

Now onto the awesome stuff!

I am excited to say that in the past week I found a new site to join that is basically a Birchbox for gourmet food! For those of you who might not know, Birchbox is a widely successful site that allows people to pay monthly to receive a box of new high-end cosmetics delivered to their door. I am currently on the waiting list : / However, this has a ton of spin offs including "BarkBox" which delivers dog treats and toys to your door. I think our pup is spoiled enough though as I see him cuddled up in my fiances arms in bed while I have to leave for work. (lucky dog)

In this picture, he is recovering from a scary encounter with our vacuum- he ran to Dwayne for comfort. Spoiled.
Now, in my search of these sites one evening I found one called Love with Food which for $10 a month will send gourmet healthfood to your door. Ummm- yea sign me up! I am always looking for new and tastey things and I saw on their site that in previous boxes they have had things like whole wheat apple fig bars, dark chocolate hot fudge, and healthnut cookies. I thought that it could be a good way to try some new foods and not have to work so hard to find yummy things.

I think the most genius thing is that if you like something that they have sampled, you can go on their site and buy it so you don't have to go searching in the store. Also, for every box you buy they provide a meal to a child in need. Wonderful all around! I was told that there is a package waiting for me at home and so I will have to let you all know how it is with a Love with Food Recap sometime this week. I am excited!

Now in my discussions with folks around this topic is brought up a slew of other branches off of the original. Many questions were brought out into the forefront including things like:

- What is considered obese? What if I am medically considered obese but eat healthy and exercise regularly and have no health issues?
- Is this really taking the stigma away from the term obesity or is it adding to it to say "I have a disease"?
- Up until 30 years ago, having curves was considered appealing now thin is equivalent to attractive - why?

So, as you can tell, this is not a one sided issue and it can foster so many other conversations about what is right and wrong with how we treat ourselves and our health as a nation. What are your thoughts on these issues?