Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What is your body trying to tell you?

Good Morning everyone!

What a whirlwind of a week since my last post! Work has been absolutely crazy, the job hunt has been on like mad with making linkedin connections, phone calls, writing cover letters and applying to jobs, and this weekend was the victory of the Pittsburgh Steelers over the NY JETS!! Pittsburghs going to the we go!!

I was lucky enough to have my wonderful boyfriend come up to Pittsburgh for the Steelers game and we got to spend the whole weekend together. I love these visits and its becoming so real that in less than 4 months (hopefully with a job) I will be heading down to Charlotte to start a new chapter in my life!

Classes started last week and let me tell you, I think this semester is going to be challenging but doable. I feel pretty comfortable with what we are working on in my classes. Its just a lot of reading.. but I have made a plan to start all my projects early so that I can get them out of the way and at the end of the semester only have to worry about my finals. If I can do this semester, I honestly can do anything!!

Lately, I have been noticing a little bit of difficulty in my workouts.. Last week I was running 3-4 miles a day and this week I am having leg cramps, getting winded and even feeling sick for overexerting myself. I will never understand why one day I can jump on a treadmill and knock out 4 miles at a 9 minute pace like its no big deal and then other days I can barely clear a mile without feeling bored, winded and weak. I always eat before I run, I get the same amount of sleep and I constantly drink water.. so what could it be?

I dont pretend to know everything about how my body uses energy.. I know that sugar (cookies, cakes, etc) makes me crash within an hour, caffeine does not wake me up, and eating an apple or a sandwhich an hour before my run usually makes me feel pretty good during my work out. Other than those principles, my body isnt very consistant with how it feels during work outs.. which is frustrating.

If you read my last post you heard me talk about how busy this next semester is going to be. It has the potential to be very stressful and I know that its so important to take care of myself during this time because after all, I cant even afford to take a sick day at the risk of missing class, work, time for homework or gym time and falling behind on something... or what happens if my dream job is posted that day and I miss it because I am too busy sleeping the day away, so someone else applies and gets it? I have to be on top of my game and so I have been thinking lately.. that I need to make sure I pay extra close attention to the place that I have been lacking lately.. EATING RIGHT!

True, I always pack a healthy lunch, my breakfast is always high fiber cereal, natural oatmeal w/ fruit, or eggs but its the little temptations that I've been letting myself splurge on lately. Office Birthday cake (Anyone listen to Mikey and Big Bob in Pittsburgh .. 96.1kiss?? THERES ALWAYS CAKE IN THE BREAKROOM!) People have been bringing in cookies.. there has even been an ice cream bar right next door in the past week. So I need to get back to refusing those things because the empty calories/processed sugar are not helping me attain any of the goals I have set for myself this semester.

I just have to keep pushing along!!
I think this blog is going to really help me to serve as a stress reliever too. I appreciate anyone that reads and listens to my ramblings about my life and trying to keep the balance.

Love you all!