My Favorite People

Hello Everyone!

While I try to make my blogs informational, I also write a lot about things that I do in Charlotte to stay active and most of these posts involve my friends, family and people that are important to me. So I thought I would give you the scoop on those people that have an impact on my life and help to keep me healthy!

One of the biggest and best decisions we have made in our lives was to rescue our Pit mix, Hero. We go hiking, walking and playing together which only helps us stay active! We trained him through PetSmart to be a therapy dog and a certified "Good Citizen."  We make it our mission to make him a well behaved dog that can change some of the bad stereotypes about this breed of dog.

My friends have been amazing through my quest for health, fitness and when I was trying to lose my college weight.  I have been lucky enough to know plenty of health and active people since moving to Charlotte!
Kat Lim, in the wedding party and my 'go-to' exercise buddy in the Queen City
And of course, last but certainly not least - the love of my life. My husband Dwayne is my other half because he is also a crazy fitness guy. We run, walk, hike and cook healthy meals together. We are that wacky couple that people roll their eyes at when we say we bond over sprinting workouts. : )