Saturday, September 18, 2010

Recovery Day at PNC Park

Hey everyone! I have gotten some really good feedback on moving my blog to blogspot and I am really excited! According to my statistics.. I have twice the amount of views! Although half of them could be me going on in order to see how many people have looked haha : )

I wanted to use the blog today to talk about how you let your body recover from a hard week. Do you have a day that you make sure you take just to recover? I started pushing myself a little harder in the gym this last week and while I feel very healthy, It does take a toll on how worn down I get. Its important to take a day or two to let your body recover.

Yesterday was Friday and a few people from my office decided to go to the Pirates game... Go BUCS!!! So I went to the gym before we went to the game and had a really light leg work out because I didnt want to be to worn out for the game.

 My work out was simple:

10 minutes on the elliptical to warm up my legs and then 3 sets of 12 on every leg machine to work all major muscle groups. I also did some free weight squats with 35-45 pound weights which I am definately feeling today. Does anyone else think its awkward to do squats in the gym? I always feel weird but hey you gotta do what you gotta do! some exercises make you look silly but thats ok!

After the game I met my co workers so we could go to a little bar serving a wonderful happy hour downtown on Penn avenue called Seviche. They were having a wonderful happy hour with 4 dollar glasses of wine and 5 dollar tappas. What a deal! and they have it all the time. So we sat and relaxed eating some delicious food. Look at this 3 cheese plate!

I had a really good glass of sangria but it was so sweet that I felt like I only wanted to have one. I was kicking myself for the amount of sugar that was probably in that drink.

We walked over the bridge to the Pirates game and had wonderful seats with the other people that work with. Dont you love PNC park?

Its very easy to go wild with food in the ballpark with all of the hot dogs, pizza, beer and cotton candy. I even saw a dad buy his 5 year old son a hot dog, an entire cotton candy, nachos with cheese product, a large soda and ice cream in the course of 2 hours. That is just simply not ok to do to your the end of the game he was passed out and didnt even see the final hit for the Pirates win in the 9th!

There werent many healthy options to choose from at the Ball Park but we got very hungry so I decided that a soft pretzel and water were going to be my dinner. I love soft pretzels.. they are so good!!

By the time I got home I had realized that I was so tired and the day was wonderful. It was great to have fun and relax with some friendly people that I work with. I also got to sleep in this morning and get a full 8 hours of rest as opposed to the 6 hours that I normally get.

This morning after my full nights rest I had a non fat pumpkin spice latte and some good conversation with a good friend.

There is nothing more relaxing than that and while my legs might be sore from my work out yesterday I feel rested and like it was exactly what I needed!

Question of the Day: What do you do to relax when you take a day off of working out? How many days do you take off a week?

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