Monday, September 20, 2010

Fall Time = Sickness

Good Morning Everyone,

So I am deeply saddened to say that I woke up this morning with a sore throat, runny nose and watery eyes that have not gotten better as the morning has gone on. I was really hoping that I was going to be able to dodge the "fall cold" but alas I have not and I am bummed! The best part of the whole thing is that I know that its my fault that I got sick.. boo! haha Its hard to admit that you might not have taken care of yourself the way you should have.. even if it is only for a day or two.

This weekend was so necessary because work has been more busy than usual lately..which is wonderful! I love being really busy at work because it makes the day go faster and you feel so accomplished at the end of the day, as if you didnt waste a single second but it does really wear you out! If you read my previous blog post, you know that Friday night was such a great way to unwind with coworkers, good drinks and good baseball... and yes if my wonderful boyfriend is reading this post.. I did say that the Pirates played some great baseball on Friday! haha <3

The only thing that wasnt so great about that night was that it set me up for a tailspin of a weekend. This weekend was full of traps for healthy eating and unfortunately I let the tastiness of some of this food get to me. It is perfectly ok to eat less than perfectly some times, actually I would say that its good to let yourself eat what you want in moderation but I am paying the consequences now.

 Saturday was a busy day because I went to coffee with one of my friends, had to do school work (Blah) and then I met with my good friend Kim to go to a going away party for our friend Tammy who is moving to Florida this week. The party was in Ellwood city so it was about an hours drive for Kim and I to get there. It was a bonfire which was amazing because I love bonfires but unfortunately bonfires also usually contain one of my biggest weaknesses which is the mixture of salty potato chips and sweet smores : )

MMM... if you dont like smores you can stop reading right now and get the heck out of my blog! haha They are just the perfect combinations of foods but unfortunately it is so easy to over do it.. and I have to say that I did for sure!

Sunday was the Steelers game of course (How bout dem Steelers?) and I was so excited because I had friends coming over to watch the game! We all decided to bring different things to the party and so I was up early cleaning and cooking. I decided to make an old favorite that everyone would like for sure so I made Cheesy potatoes.. mmmmm Dont they look good?

I finally mastered how long to bake them to get that amazing looking browned cheese : )

 I understand that not everyone shares my love of healthy food and so when people come over to my house they dont necessarily want to eat salads, fruit and chicken so I made something for everyone and it turned out so deliciously. One of my friends brought over steaks that I didnt even get a chance to take pictures of because they were just so delicious looking that they were eaten pretty quick!

We also had a steelers cake to celebrate their victory! It was so good but it made me feel so tired after eating it! Sugar makes me crash uncontrollably which is why I try to stay away from it..even though it is my achilles heal.. I dont always do so well but I am working on it and every once in a while is fine. I wanted to nap but I couldnt because I was going to drive up to my moms to skype with my sister and my new little Niece who live in South Korea for the next year. Sydney was so cute and she fell asleep right in front of us on the screen.. I am going to love being an aunt thats for sure! I was so busy and drained this weekend that I didnt even get in much exercise except some walking and a quick little run.

Whether its true or not I feel like it was the combination of no exercise and not eating a balanced diet that may have helped the process of me getting this cold. I usually have a really great immune system but your body needs to be treated better than I treated it this weekend in order to run at top efficiency : ( So I will take the blame and I will spend some time trying to get my body back to tip top shape!

I started off by replacing my morning coffee with lemon tea and honey for my sore throat ...


and I made sure to eat a healthy breakfast with cheerios and a half a banana. I packed a lunch that was a good combination of protein, veggies, fruits and complex carbs and I even had a mid morning snack that was new and had some really good vitamins and calcium.

My lunch today consists of an apple, sunflower seeds,
baby carrots and a turkey sandwhich on a whole grain
bagel round : )

Today is also back to the gym where I can hopefully sweat out a little bit of this cold! Please do not take this to mean that if you are sick that you should still go to the gym.. every person is different but I only have a little bit of a sore throat and not a full blown illness. Please if you are feeling ill make sure to drink plenty of water and see a doctor.

I will kick this cold in record time! Just watch me ; )

What are some of your home remedies? what do you do to make yourself feel better when you are sick? Do you still work out when you have a cold?

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