Monday, September 9, 2013

LMWL Challenge Week #1 Recap and Tuxes!

Hello all!

If you read my blog last week, you already know that this week started the Sarah Jenks, 28- Day Live More, Weigh Less challenge. I wanted to give you a little recap and also, give a big thank you to my friends Nicole and Kat because I told them about the challenge and they are doing it too!

So, in order to actually be signed up to win prizes and stuff, I have to post photos of myself accomplishing the challenges on instagram and facebook. This means that I had to sign up for yet another social media site. So, if you want to follow me on instagram, look me up 'kenzieleigh18'.

So the challenges were set out like this, on Monday you get an email that gives you a small challenge every day to improve your health and happiness. Sometimes its watching a video they send, sometimes its food or exercise related.

Tuesday- Buy yourself flowers
Wednesday- Make a green smoothie
Thursday - Eat Mindfully
Friday -Watch a video they sent
Saturday - Hike
Sunday - Watch the sunset

Tuesday's challenge was to buy yourself flowers, which I thought was very sweet because I usually don't spend money on myself. It felt like someone was giving me permission to buy something nice for me and not feel bad that the money should go towards a student loan, the wedding or my savings account. A $10 bouquet of flowers can make all the difference!

Saturdays challenge was to take a hike and get outdoors so Kat, Nicole, Nicole's mom and her son, cute little baby SJ went on a walk/run in the park.

It was a really great time and was followed up by a trip to a new farmers market in Charlotte. I love hitting new farmers markets! I totally spaced on Sunday and got caught up in cleaning and laundry and so I didn't make it to the sunset but all the others were achieved!

Sunday I did something else for my mental well-being. I finally cleaned out my closet and shoe closet to get rid of all the crap that I don't wear anymore or is so old, it needed to go. Two garbage bags full to donate to The Sandbox.

Some of the challenges this week include things like only eating when you are hungry for a day, wear red lipstick and tell your body you love it. I am traveling for work this week and so I don't know how appropriate it will be to wear red lipstick so I might have to do some of these things out of order but still, this is an approach I haven't seen before to overall health and I like it!

For a wedding recap! We also checked a few other things off the old to-do list. We got the tuxes for the bridal party ordered and an email sent out to all the guys with the details for the wedding and their attire.

Here is a little sneak peak of how handsome Dwayne is going to look!

This week I am headed out to San Antonio for work and am looking forward to a little bit of travel and a change of scenery. Hopefully, I get some good pictures!

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