Monday, September 16, 2013

A Post All About Children - Obesity, Obama's Drink Up Campaign and a New Addition!

Hello all,

Today's post has some updates on the LMWL challenge with Sarah Jenks and some really good news from Reuters!

Last week, because of my trip to San Antonio was a bit rough to do the Live More, Weigh Less challenges but I did what I could while on the road. For example, on Wednesday the goal was to tell your body you love it. I made sure to do so especially thinking positively about my legs because as short as they may be, they are the reason I can hike, run, walk the dog - everything and I am so happy that I have them.

Saturday's goal was cook a nice dinner and I was happy to have a nice night grilling out with friends
which was delicious! Two of the days had goals to watch videos that were sent to us and I have to say that the videos are a little too long for my liking. The first one was over 30 minutes and honestly, my interest is lost after about 5, I got the gist of what was trying to come across and didn't need to hear more but other than that I am liking it so far.

This week focuses on the emotional aspect of eating so it has goals such as "paying attention while you are eating" and "find something to do while you are bored instead of eating." All valid points to pay attention to.

Now for two pieces of big news!

First, I was so happy to read this article this morning from Reuters Health that discusses a study suggesting that kids and teenagers over the last decade have started getting more exercise and reduced their television consumption! For example, the average hours a day that kids are watching tv has dropped from 3.1 hours to 2.4. While these statistics weren't drastic enough to start a reversal of obesity in children, it has started to level them off which is a good first step.

I also saw that Michelle Obama has started a new campaign called "Drink Up" which encourages children to drink one more glass of water a day instead of a sugary drink. The campaign received criticism from some conservative groups because ..ummm.. I don't really understand why? I can't even begin to fathom why someone would have a problem with encouraging children to drink water and stay hydrated instead of soda or sugary juice but then again, I don't understand a lot of things people get outraged about. It all seems a little ridiculous.

Also, the biggest news is that last night we welcomed a new family member into my family! My cousin Jen gave birth to a bouncing baby boy a month early, Joseph Muscaro-Kozar! I can't wait to share pictures! Congratulations!

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