Monday, June 17, 2013

Staying Healthy in Boston Pt 2

Hi all! (just a disclaimer, this post spans like 3 days-LOL)

Its my last day in Boston and I have a few minutes before heading over to complete my last little bit of work before my flight back to Charlotte. I am excited to go back and enjoy what will be left of my weekend. I do have to say that this trip wasn't nearly as exhausting as most trips are for work. I think its because the group of people was smaller.

Anyway, I said I would break my Boston experience into two parts and so here we are! Unfortunately, this blog post comes with a confession. I did not reach the 30 days with no alcohol mark - I made it to 20 days! Last night a local brew was calling my name and so I gave in but I have to say, sometimes the experiences you get the opportunity to have when you travel shouldn't be missed. You should eat the local fair and drink the local drinks so I did and it was delicious!

I will be happy to not get back to not having to eat out for every meal when I get home. No matter how hard you try, constantly eating out at restaurants will always be more energy dense than making your own meals at home. I have tried my best to eat the healthiest things on the menus and yesterday was no exception. We went to the waterfront in Boston and watched the boats go through the marina while I had a delicious turkey burger and fruit. MMM.. and look at our view!

When I got back into the city I went straight to a going away party for my friend Melissa. She is moving to Washington DC to start a new chapter in her life. I am sad to see her leave but it's awesome that my friends are doing such amazing things! After that long day, I was elated to spend my Sunday doing absolutely nothing that wasn't necessary. Luckily, I had an awesome opportunity to go to the grand opening of a Krav Maga style gym in Charlotte!
I had been to this gym before because I am a huge fan of fighting style work outs. They are usually high intensity circuit training style workouts and they are amazing stress busters! This gym has recently doubled in size and so they were having a grand opening with free classes to introduce the space to everyone.
I highly suggest this place! I forgot to take photos but if you want to check it out, here is their website.
It was only a 30 minute workout but it was full of frog jumps, bounding, medicine balls throws and more and I can tell you that my core is sore today! However, I am back to the usual routine this morning and will be hitting the gym as hard as possible today.  I am realizing that the countdown is on for the wedding with only 9 months (give or take) being left until the big day! We are looking more and more at tropical destinations for our honeymoon and the Spartan Race coming up next month. I have so many things to focus on my health and fitness for in the next year.

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