Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas has lost is luster

Good Morning everyone,

I took a break from blogging for the holidays.. mostly because I was traveling and didnt want to have to lug my computer onto on airplane or spend time that should be spent with loved ones in front of this screen. This holiday was definately one for the records books and not necessarily for good things. Christmas this year was basically ruined by family drama coming from all four corners..the kind that makes you wish you hadnt even bothered to drive home. It is funny to me now to think that I was worried about how I was going to resist the temptations of delicious foods on the way there and on the way back my plate was full with such craziness.

To make matters worse, I was supposed to spend the remainder of my vacation in Charlotte with my significant other which was only to be thwarted by a large snow storm hitting the east coast. I had to book a flight instead of driving which pushed my trip back two days. I was really upset because all I wanted was to get away and be in a new place and circumstances beyond my control were preventing me from getting there.

After a days waiting, a delayed flight and a 30 second layover in Cincinatti (i had to run from one terminal to the other bc of the delay) I was finally in Charlotte and decided to give myself a real vacation because I needed it. So I decided I was going to spend the week enjoying the company of my friends and my boyfriend.. eat and drink what I wanted..not overindulge but not really filter. If I wanted a beer or a piece of home made pizza while we were out then I was going to get one and not feel bad about it. I really needed to fully get away from anything about my old routine and I succeeded. It was wonderful.

Dwayne and I looked at apartments, ate good food, drank good wine, had some crazy bar experiences and laughed with good people. That my friends is the only cure for a disappointing and stressful Christmas.

We rang in the new year with a delicious meal (I had a shrimp rigatoni dish, ceasar salad and we shared a pecan tart) .. it was delicious and then danced the night away until 12 hit and we welcomed 2011. As you can see by our awesome dancing and singing..

I am optomistic for 2011.. I think it is going to bring around some really amazing changes in my life.. a new city, a new living situation, new friends, new climate, a new degree.. new everything and I am really excited.
I have to buckle down this semester and bust my butt to finish this Masters degree and then the world is open to me... and you better believe I am going to capitalize on it.


  1. Hi Mackenzie:
    Yes, the holidays can be stressful when family dramas get involved. Very smart to remove yourself from the situation and find other company to enjoy. I wish you the best for 2011 and know that your star will shine! Thanks for posting your article on health and fitness at my site. Maybe we can squeeze in one more article before your next adventure starts down south!

  2. I'm feeling pretty optimistic about 2011, too! Hope lots of good things come your way. Oh, and not only are you two the cutest, but your dress is fabulous!! :) Happy New Year!

  3. @ANN I would love to write something else for you.. I enjoyed it last time. Thanks for the comment!

    @DeAnn I am glad you are looking forward to the year too! and thank you! That dress is actually an old homecoming dress from my sophomore year of highschool that my mom altered for me.. its nice to have a mom that sews! : ) Youre awesome!

  4. This holiday season the weather played spoilsport, thousands of people were stranded, good to hear that you were able to somehow spend quality time.