Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 Resolutions and Goals

Alrighty everyone.. I have seen about 47 thousand of my fellow bloggers post about their Goals and resolutions for 2011 (the better be doozies too.. I hear its going to be the last year we have.) Its this time of the year that every regular gym goer dreads because whats the number 1 New Years Resolution in America? Losing weight. The sad truth is that only about 5% of those people that make the resolution to lose weight will keep with their plan past January.. but it does make getting a treadmill at the gym like a James Bond mission. It requires stealth, cunning and maybe shooting a few people along the way.

 Anyway.. I decided that I should come up with some goals for 2011. I think that 2011 is going to be a really stellar year for me (fingers crossed) because its going to be full of a bunch of new things! I have goals for my health, career, relationship, and future.

1. Finish my MBA on time (May 2011) and graduate with a 3.8 GPA or higher. Right now I have managed straight A's except for one class (Damn advertising B + BS) and so it is possible if I bust my butt for all the courses I have to finish. Its going to be really tough because I am going to be working full time and taking 4 Masters courses all at the same time. I forsee some all nighters, a lack of sleep and some stress enduced breakdowns in my future but I just have to always remember that its all for a goal!

2. Make the move to the South and stop being a gypsy! My goal for the last two years has been to finish my degree and move my life down to Charlotte NC to start a life with my special guy. (Long distance blows.. I dont want to do it any longer than I have to) and so right now I am trying to secure an apartment and a job. If anyone can help me with some information in either of those areas let me know. I want a career that will set me on the path for advancement and that I like to go to everday.. I want it to be a source of money but not my life. I have moved into a different apartment, dorm, house etc every year since moving to pittsburgh and to tell you the truth.. its exhausting and it makes you feel like theres no point in really making any place youre staying your "home" because youre just moving in 12 months anyway. So why would you buy nicknacks or bother to decorate very much? I want to build a home.. something that represents me, us and a place that I can feel comfortable that I will be staying in for longer than a year long lease.

3. Continue by healthy lifestyle even after the move
I think that too many couples end up moving in together, getting comfortable and gaining a little extra love around their midsections. I really want to make sure that I keep up my gym regimine and healthy eating even in Charlotte. I dont think anyone should ever want to stop looking attractive for their significant other..While I know that he would think I look beautiful in a hoodie and sweatpants as in formalwear.. I think its really important to keep trying to keep yourself healthy and happy and in turn youll feel better within your relationship.

4. I want to make connections and new friendships. Moving gives me the opportunity to meet new people and get involved in things that Pittsburgh doesnt have. There are running clubs, meet up groups, networking events everywhere you turn. The city is just so young that there is always something going on.

5. Keep in touch with my true friends from Pittsburgh. I am a real believer in that true friends are the ones you stay in touch with and every one else is just an acquaintance. I have best friends that I havent lived in the same city with for years but I see them often, talk to them for hours and appreciate them as people. I also have amazing friends in Pittsburgh that I will always want to remain friends with.. they've done so much for me and been there through a lot of situations. I am blessed for them and I dont want to let a few states distance make a difference in our friendships. I am really hoping that I have a lot of visitors and can make a trip to Pittsburgh every few months to see family and friends.

Well those are my goals for 2011. I think that its going to be a very happy and exciting year. I know that no one can know what the future holds.. all we can do is think positively and realize that I am in the home stretch to total adulthood.

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