Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Winter thoughts

Hello Everyone!

First off thanks for all the wonderful comments on my last post about WIC and welfare. If you didnt get a chance to read it I would love your comments.. Check it out here : ) I expected more people to disagree with me since my stance was a little harsh but those who commented had great things to say.

Anyone thats reading from Pittsburgh knows that the winter has officially set upon us. I cant complain because we were pardoned at least for the months of October and November, which pretty regularly see snow but didnt this year. It does however make me really wish I had planned to move to North Carolina before the winter set in here.. but alas I did not so I must suck it up in my scarf and gloves and be happy that I worked out hard enough in the summer to be able to handle daily shoveling and scraping ice of my windshield.. hope that I dont fall on my butt too many times on icy stairs and please dear Lord dont let me crash my car.  Anyone who does not live in the north.. please take this moment to thank your lucky stars.. Not sure if you should??

Please click here and see pictures of last years infamous "Snowmageddon" that hit Pittsburgh. I didnt work for a week because I was locked inside my apartment.


Enough about the wonders of living in the great state of Pennsylvania. I want to use the winter time to talk about some fun ways to get out, burn some calories and enjoy the blistering cold of winter.

I dont want people to forget to still get yourself outside and get active! I am not saying I will partake in too many of the outside ideas .. since I am in a love/hate relationship with the cold temperatures. (hint.. its mostly hate) but for those who would like to try some winter sports.. give it a try!

-  Obviously winter sports = skiing, snowboarding, etc.
- Sled riding! .. sled riding can be fun to do with your little kids or lets face it.. I have had a blast sled riding with people that are 23 years old. haha Its just fun! But walking in the snow up and down the hill, carrying the sled, etc. all great for you! Same goes for tubing!
- Snow ball fights.. get your friends together.. bundle up and beat the crap out of each other with snowballs. The running and throwing makes for a great work out, will keep you warm too as long as you dont get snow down your back! thats the worst!

You can still spend time with friends and be outside and then come in for some nice tea or hot chocolate at the end! A lovely winter day : )

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