Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cant Believe Im saying it.. but lay off McDonalds!!

Alright everyone.. so I was taking a quick lunch break today to have some hot soup on this cold and windy winter day in Pittsburgh and I ran across something that really made me shake my head. I always surf the health sections of websites like CNN, Yahoo, NY Times, etc.. (usually disappointed because they are rarely updated) but today I stumbled upon the following article about a former McDonalds employee who sued the company and won.. Now normally I am not an advocate of the dollar menu toting fast food chain.. or any fast food chain for that matter. Yes it can be delicious and I am not saying I dont partake a few times a year if I am on the road.. but not the point.

This Article:

Is the story of a man in Brazil who sued McDonalds Corp for a small amount of money because the company "Made" him become obese. Just reading that sentence .. does anyone buy that?? I pray to the good Lord above that no one thinks that makes sense.

The former manager claimed that he was "forced" to try the food regularly in order to make sure that the standards for quality were met. I dont believe that for one second.. as a matter of fact I am pretty sure that it is against health codes to eat any of the food youre handling while working. McDonalds is a chain corporation meaning that the parent company leaves no room for change within the branches. The same food is shipped to every restaurant, frozen and only needing to be cooked, The food is cooked to specific temperatures for a specific amount of time which is all controlled by machinery so there is no room for human error. That means that every big mac will taste exactly the same.. its designed that way. So if thats the case.. why would the manager need to taste anything?

Also, he claims that the company offered their food for free lunches for employees. How dare they!? How dare a company offer their employees a free lunch. Note: Just because the lunch is free.. doesnt mean you have to eat it.. and if you had a choice between a chicken sandwhich and a super sized big mac and fries.. if you choose the fattier option.. than thats your problem for your bad decision making.. not the companies.

There were other cases of teenagers and mothers who sued McDonalds a few years ago claiming that the fast food chain made her children obese. NO LADY! McDonalds did not make your child obese.. it was your terrible parenting by taking them to eat fast food everyday instead of making them healthy food or teaching them that they should choose the milk and apples on the menu instead of the double cheeseburger.  I understand that busy parents might not have time to always make a meal but pack granola bars, string cheese, apples! Anything! it take 2 seconds and its cheaper than going out to eat every single day.

Heres one of the stories

This is similar to the women that sued McDonalds for spilling scolding hot coffee on her lap. She sued because McDonalds didnt "warn her" that the coffee was that hot. (which is why we now have the "CAUTION: Contents of this cup are extremely hot" disclaimer on all cups from McDonalds.  I'm sorry but are you really that dumb? Did you expect to go to McDonalds and get cold coffee? and if you did get coffee that was cold.. I am sure you would be the same person that would go and complain that your coffee wasnt hot enough.

Read the story HERE

I know that when I had gained weight, it was by no ones fault but my own. I was drinking, eating terrible- carb filled foods, not exercising.. and guess what? that combination of things makes you gain weight. Period. I couldnt blame Oaklands 5 dollar large pizzas for it.. because it was my choice to go out drinking and then eat 3 slices of pizza at 230am.. and its the same now. Its my decision to go to the gym or not everyday.. its my decision to pack a healthy lunch or go out and buy fast food. I have turned my health around because I made an active decision to do so every day. End of story..  nothing is forced upon anyone.

I am just getting sick of everyone taking the easy way out.. blaming everyone else for their bad decisions. STOP IT! .. Step up and be held accountable for you actions! Unless someone had a gun to your head and was forcing you to drink milkshakes.. you have no one else to blame. McDonalds isnt forcing anyone to drive thru to their windows..

Rant Over.


  1. I have very strict rules for the drive through. I don't love McDonalds, really. Understand its convenient, but gas stations sell clif bars, so healthy is equally convenient.

  2. Exactly.. very rarely is there ever a time when you are forced to make the bad option.. if you fail to plan you plan to fail, ya know?