Monday, November 8, 2010

Girls night, Flat Bread Pizza and a 42% Obesity Rate

Good Morning lovely blog readers! I hope this blog finds you all happy, well and free from the sniffles! I am doing well in the no sniffle department so far and I am hoping that it continues that way!

This weekend was a blast which is why I took a blogging hiatus since last week. The number one reason was that I couldn't find anything that I particularly wanted to write about but also that I had spent a good majority of my weekend in front of a computer doing homework and I just couldn't do it anymore! I am more than half way thru a Masters Degree and so sometimes I have to take "homework weekends" in which I lock myself in the Beehive in South Side or my apartment and just bust out papers and book reviews. I also spent some time with my wonderful friends which was awesome...I love them and I am hoping that I can convince many of them to come down and visit me when I move to Charlotte, NC this summer.

Friday was the wine loft and a movie with some awesome people and Saturday I got to spend time with a slew of girls that I love. There was a Kim, Marlee, Kacey and 2 Stephanie's thrown into the mix! : ) We ate some delicious veggie/red sauce pasta and drank some delicious red wine.. while talking girl talk (sorry guys) and it was great fun!

Sunday I went up to visit my mom which is always fun. I love spending time with my family and especially my parents because I feel like I can talk to my parents and my sister about absolutely anything. My mom and I made some delicious super thin crust pizza from scratch and watched movies. I want to spend as much time as possible with my family this year before I get to far away from them and visiting isn't as easy.

As I looked around in public places I encountered however, I noticed the ratio of overweight people to people with what I would assume is a normal BMI. I would say the ratio was pretty on point with the national average which is 1/3 of people being obese or overweight for their height. I started thinking about the Marie Claire article that go so much hype a few weeks ago when a writer was brutally honest about her feelings on obese and overweight people and I started to think to myself.. do I feel that way when I sit in this room?

The answer was sometimes yes but I don't think to the extent that this writer does. I will admit that the article upset me just like everyone else but at the same time I can respect her for writing 100% honestly about how she feels. A recent study done by Harvard scientists says that if the current trend in the US continues, by the year 2050, 42% of Americans will be overweight or obese. THATS ALMOST HALF OUR POPULATION!! This means time for a serious wake up call!!

So I want to know what you think! What feelings immediately come to you when you see someone who is overweight or obese? Do you think its right or wrong to empower those that are overweight to continue to be so or try to help them lose weight? I want to know what everyone thinks.. so email me or comment here, facebook or twitter please. I am seriously interested!


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