Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Eating at Night and Running at Lunch

Good Morning Folks! How are you today? Well I HOPE after that Steelers victory last night! Youll be happy to know I was in my jersey with my ladies watching with excitement!

This is the only pic I have in my Steelers Jersey that I would post haha Steelers v Browns game
 Because my work schedule has been made slightly longer I am trying to figure out the best time to go to the gym today. I cant go after work like usual because I wont have time before class. I am thinking I may have to do the impossible and work out during my lunch break : / I hate the thought of working up a sweat and getting back to work but I also hate the thought of going to the gym at 9pm tonight after working 9 hours and then class for 3. I just want to go home after a long day like that.

I am trying to make sure to hit the gym more than before (hopefully 6 days a week) because I know the holidays are coming up and that means good food, alcohol and very little time or opportunity for exercise. I want to get my body ready for that time so I don't come back with a little holiday love around my waist.

Today I want to tackle a big question about myself but first I think a little bit of back story is necessary.

Since I moved to Pittsburgh for college I have always lived with people. In my freshmen year I lived in the freshmen dorms (awful places) with my room mate Emma. I am pretty sure she thought I was a crazy person because I barely ever went out, I worked almost every night and weekend, didn't drink and Oh yea.. had a crazy ass, jealous, anger management case for a boyfriend when I came to college. (PS I think that last part had a lot to do with it! HAHA.. don't worry didn't last too long in the grand scheme of things and I was 18.. don't judge me : p)

One of my favorite photos from freshmen year.
 Then for the rest of my undergrad I lived with two of my best friends on campus and off.. these girls were crazy and I loved them.. even though their craziness and my goodie two shoes-ness (word?) sometimes clashed.

From left to right: April, Kayla, me

Hear no Evil?

And then for my first year of graduate school I lived with these lovely ladies...
Kelly, Me, Rachel and Whitney

So once I realized the steps that I wanted to take in my life after graduation from the Masters program. I realized that this 2nd year of my MBA will hopefully be the only time in my life I will be able to live by myself. So I went for it and I told myself that I was going to use this year or so to really focus on myself and figure out exactly who I am and what I want in life. Ya know? The "what would you be doing if you knew no one was there to interrupt" type of thing. Unfortunately my life has become so busy that its usually laundry..wah wah wahhh but one of the questions I have yet to answer about myself has to do with my self control.

I always have the tendencies to eat at night.. I don't know why.. its when I crave salty, sweet and carbs.. but its 11 o'clock at night and there is no need. I am not even hungry. I work so hard during the day to work out, eat right , pack a healthy lunch and snacks but when I get home and finally stop running.. all I want to do is eat. Then I get mad at myself because there was no need and then it screws up the next days healthy eating because I am not hungry when I wake up (which if you know me.. you know that breakfast is my favorite.. I am ALWAYS hungry when I wake up) I just lose my self control. Its never bad food bc I don't have bad food in my apartment.. but I might have some toast or whatever.. just something that I definitely didn't need.

So I guess this is something I need to figure out and I need to figure out how to stop it.. so that I can feel good about my healthy decisions from when I wake up ridiculously early in the morning to when I go to sleep at night!

Always be improving yourself to be who you want to be .. because at the end of the day.. you are all you have : )


  1. I don't know if this will help you, but it did help me with the salt/carb cravings at night. Up your fat intake at dinner or right after dinner.

    I know, sounds counterproductive. It could just be adding a big ol' glass of milk after dinner, or something cheese-like. The fat helps you feel full and less starving when you wake up, and it'll kill that carb/salt craving late at night, too.

  2. Thanks! I know I am not hungry so it has to be a mental habit that I have to break! I usually have very little fat in my dinner.. im not going to lie.. sometimes its even a bowl of cereal. Maybe that is my body trying to tell me something.. thanks!! : )