Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Zombie Opera!

Hey everyone!

I have a ton of events that are Pittsburgh inspired this weekend. Last night my mom and I had a family bonding moment and went to go see "A Night in Quarantine" the Zombie Opera! We were so stoked to go see the show because it had gotten amazing reviews!

My mom bought us both devil horns haha

yay our tickets!
We decided to make a whole night out of this and so we parked at the Grey Box Theater in Lawrenceville and then started the mission for finding a place to eat dinner.

Unfortunately, we had a hard time finding a place that we liked and so we ended up venturing into Dozens bakeshop. While it didnt have the healthiest fair it was really all we could find and we were starving!

This is the dessert counter : )

I ended up getting a turkey pastry which was very delicious : ) It was very flaky and had stuffing and turkey with cranberries on the inside.

mmm tastey right?

My mom got  Gouda macaroni and cheese and she let me try some.

It was so delicous.. of course you cant go to a bake shop without getting some kind of dessert so I let my mom pick. She picked a peanut butter chewy which was soo good and unfortunately so filling that we couldnt even finish it.

We ventured into the theater and watched one of the funniest shows I have ever seen. The zombie opera was obviously something that the creators put a lot of work into and it was a great combination of live theater and cinematography. I would highly suggest going to see it. THey are actually adding additional shows because they are selling out!

I couldnt snap any pictures inside because they asked us not to so I guess you'll just have to go!

So if you ever wondered what it looks like to have Zombies take over oakland and downtown.. you have to go! Tonight is a girls night out to go to the Marilyn Monroe exhibit at the Andy Warhol Museum.. I cant wait!

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