Sunday, September 26, 2010

I met a Steeler! and sweet potato fries : )

Happy Steelers Sunday everyone!

If you live in the city of Pittsburgh at any point in your life, you know that the Steelers games are the end all/be all of Sunday afternoon entertainment. If you arent watching the game.. then what the heck are you doing?  Its a great excuse to get together with friends too. Unfortunately, I have a ton of homework to get done so I am not doing anything too wild. I am having a few friends over and just watching the game at my apartment : )

I have a specific interest in this game  because I recently had an encounter with a Steeler! This weekend was the celebration for Oktoberfest in Pittsburgh at Hofbrauhaus. I love this time of year.. its like it really kicks off the fall! All of my friends and I were there front and center last year because my room mate was running for "Miss Oktoberfest" and this year we were there to support her giving her crown to her successor.

Me and Rach

Well later in the night, I had the opportunity to meet Lamar Woodley! My old room mate actually met him a few weeks ago and we all happened to be in south side at the same time. We met up and had the chance to talk a bit. It was awesome! I didnt want to snap a picture and be "that person" so I have no photo evidence of this but I promise it happened! haha I couldnt wait to call Dwayne and tell him because he is such a Steelers fan!`

While my friends were on their way today,  I decided that I needed to make a little game day snack. I searched my kitchen and I decided that the best food to use was my sweet potato. Have any of you tried a sweet potato? I am suprized to find out how many of my friends have never tried one. They are so versatile you can make pies, mashed potatoes, or just bake it with some cinnamon ..mmmmm. Its one of the only vegetables that I crave because its just so sweet.

Well for the game I decided to make something healthy but that would remind me of being out at one of Pittsburghs sports bars. I was gonna turn this sweet potato into some delicious french fries! I chopped the sweet potato up into the size of shoe string fries (my favorite types) put a few pinches of salt and more than a few pinches of cinnamon on them. I preheated the oven to 400 degrees and checked on them every 10 minutes. You wanna make sure to turn them around every once in a while.. because sometimes they will cook a little unevenly depending on how you cut them.

Dont these look delicious??

These are some tastey treats for sure! Warning though.. dont get confused with this healthy recipe and those that you get out at restaurants. One of my favorite restaurants in the South Side is "The Library" This place is great because it has the best atmosphere and its not a place for people that are 21 trying to get wasted but more for good friends that want to get together and have conversations. They have very delicious sweet potato fries but like all others they are deep fried and not baked.. They do have many healthy alternatives with salads and sandwhiches. I would say check it out if you've never been there for sure!

What are your favorite game day treats? Do you stick to healthy foods on game day or do you splurge? Have any good recipes to be shared with the readers for game day treats that are healthy?

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