Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How Do I Eat Healthy and Not Spend a Fortune?

Hello everyone,

This blog is going to be a two parter I believe. If you followed me to blogspot from my Network Pittsburgh account you know that I blogged previously about how outraged I was at the expense that eating healthy can have. I have explored farmers markets and many other ways to cut costs but at the end of the day a zuchinni is still two dollars a pound while a bag of potato chips is one fifty. Now I could go on and on about how the major food corporations care more about their profits than their customers health (which is true by the way) or I could try to share some good information on how to cut costs.

Now why the sudden interest in saving money? Well I found out this month that my schooling is going to cost alittle bit more than I expected and so money is going to be severely tight for the next four months. I have even started looking into some part time gigs to get me through the Christmas season. The one thing that I refuse to let money effect however, is my healthy eating. I could go off on some tangent here to explain why low income families are statistically more overweight than middle/ high income families.. but I wont. Think about it though.. doesnt it make sense? If you had to feed 2 kids and 2 adults.. and you had 75 dollars a week to spend on 7 days worth of meals.. Would you buy all produce that will go back in 3-4 days and maybe serve 2 meals or would you go for the Totinos pizza rolls that are on sale 3 boxes for 6 bucks that will be your childrens dinner for 5 days? Its not right.. but the sad truth is that its a decision people have to make every day. Sorry I guess I really did go off on that tangent when I said I wouldnt.. oops!

Well anyway.. I am going to have to tighten my belt and so I have some inexpensive but healthy eating tips for anyone else thats on a budget. You need to buy foods that will last through out the entire week and can also be very versatile. I think some of the best foods for being versatile are grains! An entire container of Quaker Oats will run you about 3-4 dollars and usually one container will last me months because they are huge! To buy the quaker oats will save you money over buying the individual packets which are loaded with sugar anyways..Make your own delicious oats by adding things like raisins, cranberries, cinnamon, or cut up fruit! Its sooo good!

This is my mid morning snack!

 Breakfast usually makes life pretty easy when it comes to inexpensive meals. Buying cereal in bulk can really help. My go to cereal is always cheerios. They are heart healthy and also if you spice them up with a little fruit.. its so good. My favorite is strawberries! mmm! Eggs are also a great way to start your morning! Eggs are usually around a dollar for a dozen which can be used for omellettes or breakfast sandwhiches with some bagel thins. I actually had one this morning!

Dont you just love the animal inspired plate? LOL

The protein in the eggs will keep you full through out the morning and will help you maintain your muscle!

Dinner gets a little bit more tricky but some of the things that I have found help out if youre on a budget are soups and canned vegetables. You can buy canned vegetables or frozen vegetables at a cheap price and they will last longer than buying fresh. If you are in a budget crunch you may not be able to afford the turn over of fresh vegetables but that doesnt mean that you shouldnt be buying them! This works with fruit too.. however, be wary of canned fruit because a lot of canned fruit has extra sugar and syrup added. Look for the fruit that is canned in its own natural juices or stick with the frozen.

Whole grain pastas or brown rice can make multiple meals and arent very expensive. Take some of your canned vegetables and mix with the pasta or rice and make a stir fry! Remember to save left overs and eat your healthy meal for lunch the next day..itll be just as good!

These are the tricks that I am going to try. Do you have any tricks for saving money but still eating healthy?

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