Friday, September 17, 2010

Dont Insult My Intelligence

Good Morning my lovely blog readers.. how are you today?  I am currently wearing a new black dress and pumps that I got on sale for work and my favorite short strand of pearls that my ridiculously wonderful  boyfriend gave me.. so I have a little kick in my step today and I am feeling feisty. So as I am feeling feisty today I have decided to discuss something I've seen this morning that deserves to have a little attitude thrown its way.. one small thing that knocked me off my cloud for a few seconds this morning...

     Has anyone seen the new Wendys commercial  in which their tagline is something along the lines of "we now have real food!" and they advertise that their salads have what!? REAL CHICKEN!! Now, my first thought was .. " so that would lead me to believe that the rest of your menu does not include real meat?" and also "what in the hell were you putting in  your products before that couldn't be considered real food?" I really think that Wendys kind of stepped on their own foot here bc to endorse your "real food salads" you have to admit that the majority of what you sell isn't real food.. and lets be honest with ourselves.. it truly isn't. Its preservatives, oil, fat, and chemically created flavorings.. and that's not food, while it may fill your does not nourish your body which is the only reason to eat.

    Please fast food fat cats.. do not insult my intelligence and think that I am dumb enough to think that you are actually trying to do something healthy for the American Public, okay?

    Now I know you are all thinking .. oh jeez not another "holier than thou" salad eater telling me that I shouldn't stop at McDonalds on my way home. I know its bad for me but its fast and its they have healthy menu items too!  Ok, so to that I say.. first of all.. I am not a strictly salad eater..yes I try to shop organic as much as possible, yes I try to get at least 4 servings of vegetables everyday, and yes I very rarely eat out.. but that doesn't mean I don't eat real food or have a tremendous sweet tooth that I battle on a daily basis. I have eaten my share of 1 pound burgers and fries. So I am not going to sit here and tell you to not stop at your favorite fast food joint but I will ask you to at least acknowledge how they are contributing to the obesity epidemic in America while they are making you think that they are doing everything they can to help it!

     So we all know that lately we've been seeing new menus popping up at Fast Food places all over the place whether its Taco Bells new Fresca Menu or McDonalds new line of salads..leading us to believe that these restaurants care about our health and want to give us options that aren't deep fried. Well one of the menu items that truly angers me the most is the infamous "fast food salad"..first of all have you ever priced a fast food salad? The average salad at McDonalds will cost you between 5 and 6 bucks and that's without making it a meal. Now what exactly are the ingredients in one of these salads? Usually.. iceburg lettuce ( no nutritional value.. you might as well be eating paper), 3-4 cherry tomatoes, process chicken strips, 6 butter soaked croutons and then a handful of parmesan cheese on top. Now I don't know about you... but I don't think that McDonalds can possibly justify charging that much for a salad with those ingredients.. when they are telling us that we can get a double cheeseburger, fries, an apple pie and a drink for the same amount of money plus tax.

     Now some of you reading this right now are saying.. well there's more turn over because salads go bad faster and so you are paying for the freshness.. I hate to burst your bubble oh fellow business majors but if you think for one second that there aren't just as many preservatives in that chicken and vegetables as in a hamburger.. you are wrong. Ever notice that they don't make those salads to order? They get them out of the fridge.. and they are salads that have been sitting there all day I am sure. Lettuce not brown yet? Hmmmm.....

    So why would these fast food places create these menu items if they really weren't concerned with the well being of their customers? I mean after all.. if we're all dead from heart disease than there isn't anyone to buy their food right? Supply and demand theory? Unfortunately, any decision a fast food chain makes is monetarily much money can I make?

     Fast food restaurants saw a trend in the United States of people trying to lose weight but unfortunately the trend was that Americans wanted a quick fix.. they wanted diet pills, trendy exercise programs and shakes that will make you drop 50 pounds in 3 weeks.. so why wouldn't the fast food industry just jump on  the bandwagon.. after all we were all gullible enough to believe in these miracle pills.. so why wouldn't we be gullible enough to believe that we can eat fast food and lose weight? So out came the Subway diet and your favorite and mine, Jared (which if you read one of my previous blogs you know that it wasn't the subs that made him lose the weight.. it was the miles he walked to subway).. out came the Fruit and Yogurt Parfait at McDonalds ( which has as much fat in it as a cheeseburger) and or course the grilled chicken sandwiches as Burger King (on a huge white flour bun with processed, frozen chicken and mayo on it).. and look at the prices on these menu items. They are astronomical!! So they are going to prey on someone attempting to get healthy but with no real knowledge of what healthy food is and charge them 6 bucks to eat something that's just as bad for them as a double cheeseburger would be.. and they will make billions in the process. ** Insert maniacal laugh of a fat cat executive here

     The newest trend is the reduce sodium and change the oil that the fries, chicken strips, and onion rings are fried in so that they are doing their share to help America. Any idea how much sodium  is in their food to begin with? A small chicken Mcnugget, you know the ones that people feed to their young children? Has over 440mg of sodium in them alone.. not to mention the 100mg in just ONE ketchup packet of theirs, plus add in the fries that you know they are going to want.. that's another  140mg. So your young child just inhaled almost 700 mgs of sodium in one meal.

Don't believe me? Check it out. The National Heart association states that the average ADULT Peron should keep their sodium intake between 1000-2000mg a day. It would be a safe bet to say that a child of 8 or 9 should have considerably less on a daily basis and we are giving them that sodium in just one of the three meals they will have that day.

So please America, this is my final plea to please please please stay away from fast food. Food is meant to be enjoyed and savored.. why do you need it to go from the restaurant to your stomach in less than 5 minutes? Isnt anything worth having worth waiting for? Are you going to be just another gullible American consumer who will pay for anything if it has good enough marketing. I challenge you America to start using your head! And realizing that they aren't here to help you.. they are here to make money off of what they view as your stupidity.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree?

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