Friday, September 17, 2010

The Definition of Blogging and Some Serious Favorites

Good Morning everyone!!

I am fresh off of a long weekend spent with my wonderful boyfriend down in Charlotte North Carolina and I am pumped and ready to finish out this week. It is very hard to get back into the routine here when you spend time having so much fun somewhere else but alas it is what I have to do! This weekend was perfect because of the fact that I got to relax and take some time away to enjoy the warm weather and spend some quality time with my boyfriend. I think that sometimes taking into account your mental health and wellness is just as important as physical. It is important to take a minute out of your day for yourself.. even if it is just to listen to a favorite song or perhaps theres only enough time to take a few deep breaths.

The weekend was wonderful and was filled with seeing old friends, meeting new friends and seeing some new places I hadn't yet in Charlotte. (pictures soon to come once they get off the camera!) One of the best parts was that I was able to be there with my other half to watch the season premier of Madmen! Did anyone else get a chance to watch it? What did you think?

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Alrighty, now that we have had our update.. lets get down to the nitty gritty of what this blog is about. I love reading blogs by other, usually more established nutritional and fitness bloggers. It helps to give me recipes, ideas about exercise classes and also helps me to get a feeling for what I want my blog to be.. What do I like about the set ups I see? What do I not like? How can I use the things that I do like and make them more my style? Today I was reading one of the posts of one of my favorite blogs to read and saw that there has been a string of comments that were accusatory and mean. Preaching to the blog writer that they were a terrible human being because they dont shop strictly at local farmers markets and that they dont take up the human rights issue? Ok, slow it down here.. this is a friendly blog about her healthy lifestyle.. not CNN.

It made me mad because this person was saying that bloggers dont have real facts and basically have no real purpose because they arent living in the woods, foraging for berries. So I wanted to set the record straight for all of the nutritional and fitness bloggers out there.. I blog because I have a real interest in leading a life of balance. I want to live a healthy life by eating well with small indulgences, exercising just like the rest of my blogging friends.  Nowhere in any of our writings do we claim to be Doctors, Hollywood personal trainers or part of the barefoot running brigade. I have found that there is a network of young (20-30 years old) bloggers who like to share their lives with people who will read, converse and support. We are simply people who want to share our experiences and to have an outlet for our interests, we want to share with people that it is possible to live in a healthy balance and enjoy our lives with boyfriends, friends, husbands, fiances, houses, careers, school and anything else you can think of.

In the spirit of true balance in the world.. I decided to use my blog to share with my readers some of the best bloggers that I enjoy reading under the umbrella of a healthy lifestyle. These people are interesting, funny and keep your attention while offering good information through their experiences.

Please check them out

This is called Sweet Tooth Blog written by a 26 year old woman named Courtney

A blog about healthy living and an obsession with Peanut Butter

A blog about a healthy lifestyle between veggies and sweets

How Sweet Blog
A young woman and personal trainer writes about her love of food

A wonderful blog by a women named Ann Gatty.. she helps people discuss how to deal with stress

So please check out these writers and see what you think.. and please remember that comments are always loved and appreciated as long as they are supportive. Its hard enough to maintain a healthy balance with all the other stressors in everyones lives. Women should support women in whatever it is they want to do to improve themselves. Maybe that will be my next blog... a personal health piece on women keeping women down... hmmm.. what do you think??

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