Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Wedding Photos are In!! Pre-Ceremony and Ceremony

The time has come everyone!

We have officially made it more than a month as husband and wife. It is still strange to call Dwayne my husband. Just this week I called him my fiancé to someone and they corrected me. Embarrassing but this takes some getting used to!

I want to give a huge thank you to Rachel Tokarski from Rachel Tokarski Photography for doing such an amazing job the day of the wedding with these photos. There are so many of them and I wanted to share some of my favorite and most emotionally charged photos with you.

There are a lot of photos so I am going to share the getting ready and pre-ceremony/ceremony photos on this post and then the reception ones on the next.

This photo is one of my absolute favorites because it is my dad seeing me in my dress for the first time. The happiness on his face is so evident and I just love it!

Before the ceremony, we took photos of each side of the bridal party to save time during the wedding.
Flower girl stood still long enough for a cute photo

Generational - Grandma, Mother and Daughter
Right before the ceremony started, Dwayne and I wanted to talk privately about this important step. Without seeing each other, we were able to have a minute to say I Love You.
We were able to talk to each other without seeing one another before the ceremony with some creativity.
One of the things that was very important to Dwayne was to be able to be outside before the ceremony and greet people as they were coming in. There is a great photo of Dwayne hugging one of my family members, Debbie who always has us over to her house on Christmas and Thanksgiving. The emotion and love is so visible here.

Probably the best part of the pre-ceremony photos were the shots that we got with our wedding party and families. We were surrounded by love and it was so wonderful.
Even got some photos that we weren't even trying for!
During the ceremony, there was laughter, tears and a lot of memories.

This is one of my favorites - while some people might be nervous or fearful on their wedding day, Dwayne was nothing if not pumped.

After the ceremony, we had to gather everyone in the wedding party for some quick photos but first we had to make it official! These photos are some of my favorites because it captured some of our biggest moments.

Our first seconds alone as husband and wife
Making it official and signing the papers!

This picture is the epitome of Dwayne and I. We're married! Hey High-FIVE!!
After everything was official, we ran outside to take some photos and got some really amazing ones.

My official Father in Law

My dad and I

The whole wedding party
Before we headed into the reception, we got some beautiful and creative shots using our venue.

It was absolutely perfect and I can't wait to share more photos with you from our big day! The reception photos are so wonderful and I can't wait to share them in my next post.

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