Monday, January 27, 2014

75 Days and Counting- Goals Update!

Today marks 75 days and counting until the big day! I am down to two and a half months until I walk down that aisle and I can't wait.

Alright so update on this past weeks goals and new goals for the upcoming week!

Here is what my exercise routine looked like for this past week.

  1. Sunday - 5.19 miles with the future hubby
  2. Monday - 3.68 mile hill run, 1.5 mile hill bike, mild weightlifting
  3. Tuesday - 40 Minute weighted circuit workout
  4. Wednesday - Rest Day
  5. Thursday - Heavy lifting day
  6. Friday - Rest Day (Gonna be honest, my arms and legs were super sore)
  7. Saturday - 5 mile hike with the pup and a full cleaning of the house (It was so gross and needed to be done)
He was pooped after that long walk!
I am happy to see it written down and that I got almost 15 miles in this past week!
Goals for this weeks workouts:
  1. Sunday - 4.3 mile hill run (completed) Dwayne and I ran the booty loop on Sunday afternoon
  1. Monday - Cardio Circuit training w/ Kettle Bells
  2. Tuesday - 5 mile recovery run
  3. Wednesday - Heavy lifting day
  4. Thursday - 20/20/20 workout (20 mins high intensity on the treadmill, elliptical and bike)
  5. Friday - Rest Day
  6. Saturday - Outside Run (hopefully) -4 miles
  7. Sunday - Walk the dog/Yoga
My goal is to slowly increase my miles per week up until the wedding while mixing in some harder strength training workouts. The end goal would be to tone up by replacing fat with some extra muscle so that I look toned in my dress. I don't want to lose any mass because I don't want to run the risk of my dress not fitting on my wedding day! What a disaster that would be!
I also have to tell you that we have our bridal team working overtime to prepare for the wedding, including the sweetest flower girl you will ever see. She is practicing hard as you can see in this video!

Question of the week:

Do you have workout goals for this week? If so, what are they? What motivates you to get going and what might stand in your way?


  1. I am so impressed with your workout routine! You go girl!!!

    1. Thanks Andi! I can't wait to write about my experience with accupuncture! How awesome!!