Monday, October 21, 2013

My 100th post!

Today is a big day folks, today is the day that I write my 100th post! This blog has really been a wonderful way to express myself and my feelings towards different health related topics and times in my life. I appreciate the few loyal readers that I have but at the end of the day, it's nice to have a place to go and write.

So first, a wedding update!

After some confusion with the venue, we finally set a date to do our tasting over Christmas. Originally we were told that waiting until we were in PA for Christmas would be cutting it too close to the wedding date so we were going to have my mom do the tasting for us. Then we were told that Christmas time was ok? So now we are doing it ourselves on December 26th - Merry Christmas to us! The 26th we do the tasting and finalize everything with the venue, the 27th I have my hair/make up trial and bridal portraits and then the 29th is the most awesome bridal shower in the world that I am really looking forward to! (Hint - it will be a 'fit' party) All of those amazing wedding related things plus seeing all my friends and family over Christmas will be so awesome. I am really looking forward to  it all!

I really can't believe that the wedding is now less than 6 months away. The time went really fast but I am very happy with where we are planning everything. We even got our final wedding favors in the mail this weekend!

 Customized pens for our guests! I highly recommend these to anyone for an event. They were inexpensive to get customized and everyone loves free pens. Since we are having programs that you can fill out, we thought providing pens was probably a good choice!

Now onto the fitness!

So this weekend we were actually dog sitting for our good friends which is always nice because their dog keeps our dog entertained. Hero follows their dog around the house wherever he goes and sometimes he is not amused as shown by these photos.

It was fun though and I didn't have to feel bad about leaving to go to the gym because Hero had someone to play with while I was gone. I went to the gym on Saturday afternoon and did 30 minutes of running and then some good lifting including squats, bench and push-ups. I am feeling pretty sore today but it reminded me of how good lifting can feel. When your muscles are tired and you feel like you really did something worth while to make yourself stronger. It's a great feeling!

On Sunday, I cleaned the entire house which was a workout in itself and then I decided to take the pup off to the park for a walk. Charlotte is beautiful right now with the weather turning very crisply into fall and so I don't have to worry about him getting overheated.

We walked about two miles on sore legs and then called it a day to go home and watch the Steelers move forward into victory! Good job guys!

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