Thursday, September 26, 2013

My Trip To Salt Lake City!

Hello all!

So I spent the last two days in Salt Lake City to check out a ski resort that my company is considering for one of our big meetings. I have to say that this trip was awesome! I have never been to a mountain resort before and so I got a lot of pictures!

Up 11,000 feet
I could certainly tell that the air was so much thinner here. My stomach is a little bit queasy , my heart pounds and my breathing is more shallow.

When I got to my room, I was met with the sweetest chocolates welcoming me to the hotel.

My dinner at the resort was delicious! When I travel, I let myself have some meals where I indulge. I don't want to deprive myself on these rare occasions.
Pale Ale Potato Soup

Corn Flake crusted chicken and vegetables

Glazed apples with vanilla ice cream

I decided that even though this resort had an awesome gym that it might not be a good idea to do my normal exercise routine with my asthma. I didn't know how my body would react to the altitude but I assumed not well. So instead in the morning I woke up and took a yoga class.

We had a beautiful view of the mountain but the class wasn't my favorite because the instructor wasn't really the most "relaxing" talker. In this type of class, I would want someone to talk to me slowly in a calming voice, this woman did more explaining than anything and talked about her dogs, technology, etc. Also, her routine was nothing but lunge poses.

I did realize how the air was affecting me when we went from a forward fold into a sun salutation. The blood rushed through my body and I got so dizzy. It kind of felt like that feeling you get when you stand up too fast, except multiplied by 3.

I also had a spa treatment compliments of the resort and it was lovely but a little awkward. I am not usually one to indulge on spa treatments. Every once in a while, I will treat myself to a manicure or massage but those are few and far between because they are expensive. Since the resort was offering, I decided to try something that I would never pay for. It was called Body Glow. Basically, they exfoliate your skin, then rub natural lotion on you and wrap you up in what feels like cellophane and blankets. It is to put moisture back into your skin and it was really lovely. Although, I didn't realize the extreme lack of privacy I would have for the treatment. The woman made me feel very comfortable though and all in all it was very relaxing!

Wedding Update!

This weekend I went on a wedding prep crusade! I just got on a roll and started getting some stuff done.

So before I sign off, I do have a wedding update! Before I flew out to Salt Lake City, I got my flowers delivered from I ordered my bouquet and the bouquets for my bridal party.

I still have to match the colors but I think they will be pretty close!

I know that the dresses have a bit more red, but the only other option was REALLY RED and I think that these will be better. I will be holding the burgandy bouquet while my bridal party will be holding smaller ivory bouquets.

Bridal party bouquets
I also was able to order all the bridesmaids gifts, parents gifts, got a great idea for a favor, did some research on a rehearsal dinner dress and I ordered a canvas print of one of our engagement photos. Pinterest gave me the idea to use a blown up canvas print of our engagement photos instead of a guest book so then after you get married, you can hang it up in your house!

I will share what I can when things come in, of course I can't share the gifts because I want them to be a surprise!

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