Monday, July 22, 2013

New Running Shoes, Healthy Stuffed Peppers and a Wedding Shopping Spree!

Hello all!!

This weekend was absolutely chalked (chaulked?chawked?) full of wedding and fitness related purchases.

Saturday morning I picked up my wedding dress from my final fitting. All of the alterations had been completed and the length was brought up about 3 feet. I bought my dress as a size 10 off the rack because it was a steal and had it altered down to my size. I wish I could share a picture of it but you will all just have to wait! : )

After the dress fitting, my bridesmaid Kat and I went to Hobby Lobby to do some discount shopping for wedding trinkets. We are trying to be as fiscally responsible as possible with this wedding so 50% sale at Hobby Lobby was on the list! For those of you not from the south, Hobby Lobby is like a Michael's or a Joanne's Fabrics. A craft store basically. We were there to check out the fake flower situation because it is my theory that making bouquets instead of buying them would be less stressful and less costly.

We found some..well.. interesting things there.

Like this 5 foot fake flower

I also found some awesome stuff on sale to hold the cards and an antique chalkboard for decoration. The best part was finding the perfect little basket for my niece as the flower girl!

Our friends Stan and Krista also gave us some things from their wedding that they didn't need anymore. So, thanks to them, we officially have a unity candle!

The most helpful purchase that I made that day though was new running shoes! I had never actually gone to get fitted for running shoes, I usually just picked whichever shoes I wanted. I realized that wasn't the smartest choice and that with the amount that I work out, I should be protecting my feet and joints so once the Spartan Race took out my previous pair to the Gods of Mud, I decided it was time to head to Run for Your Life! Run for Your Life and a few other stores will measure your feet, your gate, your running style and give you the pair of shoes that fits your need.

They evaluated that I had a neutral gate and I told them that I needed a shoe that could handle indoor running, outdoor running and cross training. They are having me try Saucony's. The salesperson told us that it was pronounced "Sock-un-eez." I loved the feel when I tried them on, it was like running on a cloud.

I am trying my first workout with them today and we will see how they feel!

We also had a delicious dinner last night with a healthy recipe for stuffed peppers that I wanted to share with you.

1 sweet onion
4 Bell Peppers
Italian Seasoning packet
Organic tomato sauce
Lean ground turkey
Brown Rice

Preheat over to 350, brown turkey, italian seasoning and chopped onion while cooking the brown rice. Once finished, combine all ingredients into a large skillet and add 1-8 ounce can of tomato sauce. Core and cut the tops off the bell peppers and fill it with the skillet mixture. Put in the over for 45 minutes or until the pepper becomes soft. Enjoy! Full of protein, vitamins and very filling. We paired it with some fresh asparagus and it was delicious!!

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