Friday, June 7, 2013

Tongue Patch Surgery and a New "Miracle" Weightloss Drug?

Hi all,

I am excited about this weekend for many reasons. Saturday is the big 2-6 birthday and I can't wait to be able to cook some yummy things for my friends and have everyone over. We decided last minute to have a cookout with some friends and it looks like we might have a nice, small group coming to our house which always makes me ridiculously happy. I love spending time with my friends and family in our home. There is always someone else that gets REALLY excited when people come over to visit - can you guess who?

This little guy!
Hero started training classes again last night at Petsmart for agility which are the classes where the dogs will jump over poles, walk up ramps, etc. He will be in his prime in this class and the good thing for us is that he will be so tired afterwards!

I will make sure to take and post about the party and all the friends and food!

I stumbled upon some great articles this week regarding interesting and a little scary updates on pretty extreme ways that are becoming new trends to lose weight. I think out of the two articles I am going to share, the first is the one that is the scariest extreme.

A new fad that is hitting Beverly Hills is something called "Tongue Patch Surgery" which is basically having a plastic mesh patch surgically sewn onto your tongue. The patch makes it so painful to eat that all you can do is live off of a liquid diet. The patch is removed before it can adhere to your skin and become permanent.

First of all, who thinks of this crap? Second, who is their right mind would do it?

The 2nd crazy article that I read in the past week was one describing the launch of the new FDA approved weight loss drug, Belviq. Belviq is the 2nd weightloss drug to come out in the last year. The drug has been proven to help a person lose 3%-5% of their body fat on average in a year. The side effects of this drug can include memory lapse, depression, migraines, hallucinations and most drugs liek this are not covered by most insurances according to the article. Now, let's look at the effects vs the outcome. If a person is 350 pounds and they lose 5% of their body weight (the maximum) in a year that is equal to 350 X .05 = 17.5 pounds. Somehow, that loss isn't enough for me to want to deal with possible depression or other side effects.

I am not saying that this drug might not help someone with serious help issues, I am just saying when are we going to try and focus on the cause and not the result? When are we, as a collective group  of people living together, going to focus on making a health a priority instead of waiting for the next wonder drug of tummy tuck procedure?

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