Thursday, April 11, 2013

New Crossfit Style Work-Out and Our Wedding Site!

So, with our long run on Monday night - I gave myself one day to recover (my legs were super sore) and yesterday I didn't really even want to think of running. I did want to get back into the gym though because I have made a promise to myself to exercise 5 times a week and cut down on those "oh so delicious" sugary treats until the wedding. (Bummer : )) I am doing this as a way to cut down stress but also to make sure I feel healthy and strong when I walk down the aisle. My body absolutely hates me when I eat processed sugar. Of course, I ignore it because it's delicious while I am eating it but I pay the price later by being really tired, gurgly and unfocused.

So! When I got to the gym, I decided to do a Crossfit style KettleBell workout. I didn't think it was going to be too bad but in actuality, it kicked my butt so I thought I would share in case anyone wants to try it!

You will need to have weights, jump rope, box you can step up on and access to a timer/clock.

5-10 minute stretch/warm up
1 minute Jump rope in between each set of 10
10 reps - Kettle Bell or weight deadlift
10 reps- KettleBell pull ups
10 reps- KettleBell Swings
10 reps- Upright Rows
10 reps- Kettle Bell Around the World
10- Push ups
Stretch/Cool Down

This is one round and then you do it again 2 more times but instead exchange the jump roping for 1 minute of box jumps during the 2nd round and for the 3rd round replace the box jumps with 1 minute of jumping jacks.

The whole circuit ended being about 45 minutes with roughly 20 minutes of high intensity cardio snuck in. I was a sweaty mess by the end of it.

Our Wedding Blog
So, what happens when you get 2 business and marketing people together to form a future family? A creative wedding blog, obviously. (Blogs everywhere!) Now that we have our venue and our engagement photos done, we feel that it's time to officially launch the wedding planning blog we created throught the Knot. We hope that it makes you laugh, cry and get pumped up to join us on our special day. Take a look and you can see our engagement video? Tee hee!

HUGE THANK YOU SHOUT OUT to Rachel Tokarski from Rachel Tokarski Photography. She did an absolutely stunning job and she got the photos edited and back to us so quickly! I love great friends and I can't wait to see what she does with the wedding!

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