Thursday, April 4, 2013

Kettle Bells and The Best Fitness Applications

Yesterday, my work out was bitten by the boredom bug. Sometimes after 3 days running, I just get so bored! So today, I am going to switch is up with a different routine using Kettle Bells.
Dwayne introduced me to the wondrous nature of Kettle Bells. If you don't know what they are, they look like this. They come in weight levels all the way from 2 to 50. Maybe more but that's the most I have seen.
While I know the basics of kettlebells, I am no expert so I wanted to find something that would help me make new and better routines with these monsters. Kettlebells, because of the way the weight is distributed, are amazingly calorie burners and they build lean muscle. Plus, the handle makes them a lot more versatile for different exercises you have probably never done before.
While in my quest for a new routine, I came upon an app that would give me routines to try! It made me think that I should share the apps I use because it has taken me a long time to find good ones and some of these might be helpful for others. If you have apps that you use, please comment and tell me!
MapMyRun- this app uses GPS to track your runs outside (no good if you are on a treadmill) but it will tell you your pace, your distance at every mile you hit and its a social app too!
MyFitnessPal - this app lets you track your caloric intake by searching the foods you have eaten and tracking them in a food journal automatically for you. It gives you counts of all your vitamins, calories, fat, etc. You can also input your exercise routines and water intake and at the end of the day when you complete all your entries it tells you how well you're doing. This app is also social, I have connected with a lot of friends on it.
EveryMove- EveryMove was introduced to me by a friend and it basically rewards you for exercising by letting you earn discounts on products and services. You can sign up a team of people and you can all earn points for each other. Its pretty neat but the app sometimes has some bugs and the discounts might be small at times.
CharityMiles- This app lets you use your running and biking to earn money for a charity of your choice! You choose a charity and then do your normal workout. This app tracks it and then someone who has set up a donor profile will give a denomination of money for every mile you run or bike!
Sworkit - This all is great! It creates customized workouts for you and times them all while you do it. Every 30 seconds it will ding, give you a new exercise and at the end it will tell you how many calories you burned. You can choose which area of the body you want to work on, it even gives you a yoga routine and all of the routines can be anywhere from 5 -60 minutes long! Its perfect for people working out at home because all the exercises only use your body weight and they have videos you can watch if you don't know the exercise!
KettleBells - This is the newest app I have downloaded and it is similar to sworkit but only utilizes kettlebells and body weight! You can choose your level, watch videos on technique and it will generate a workout for you!

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