Monday, April 29, 2013

1st Dress Fitting, Invitee List and Double Work Out Day

Even though this weekend was disgustingly rainy in the Queen City, I still had a lot of fun. Saturday was a day filled with awesome stuff because on Saturday morning I got to do a little voice over acting. Oh yea.. that's right. Dwayne has a client that needed a female voice for their commercial and I was happy to oblige! I also went to watch him Coach his soccer team and I have to admit that watching him interact with kids makes my heart melt just a little : )

They call him Coach Dwayne - How adorable is that??
Sunday I decided I needed to get a weekend workout in and then needed to get some stuff done on the wedding- with under a year to go, I feel like everything I can get out of the way now, I should. So, I ran my butt to the Dowd YMCA for a few miles on the treadmill but not before going and picking up our friends dog. Our best Charlotte friends were out of town to participate in another wedding so we were dog sitting. I feel like our puppy is a little too much for theirs to handle. He is not a fan but the one thing they can agree on, is when to bark out the window.

I yelled "Pups" and they both looked
 After I had taken care of everything else, I started typing up our written invitee list and sending it out to gather addresses. It makes me wonder, how did people ever figure out all these addresses before Facebook? I also set an appointment for May 11th for my FIRST DRESS FITTING! I can't wait - my dress needs to be taken in about 3 sizes because I bought mine off the rack. The bridal boutique I went to has a local shop that they work with for alterations and I am so excited to see what the final dress will look like. Hopefully beautiful!

Next weekend we are going to go look at wedding bands. I can't wait!! Any suggestions on where to go or metals to look into?

Since my fitting is in a few weeks though, I decided it's time to get back into my double work-out Mondays. (They aren't as serious as they sound) There is a Total Strength Class at the YMCA near where I work that starts at 6:20. It gives me just enough time to log a few miles in on the treadmill and get some good stretching in before taking that hour long strength class. I think its a really good combination and you don't even realize that you have been moving for almost 2 hours. It is a really positive way to start the week! Does anyone else utilize the YMCA? I think that its perfect for me, but sometimes I wish that other boxing gyms, pilates, yoga, etc weren't so expensive to join : ( What do you guys prefer??

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