Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sydneys Christening!!

Good Morning everyone,

This last month has been crazy and the next few weeks will be crazy too. I move to Charlotte NC in exactly 15 days and with family coming back into town, final projects for class and getting stuff set up to move. I am about ready to fall over.. coffee is my friend these days. Unfortunately, I have been pretty lax in the last few weeks on exercise because I have chosen to go home and relax in the few spare minutes that I have before another crazy day happens.

Last weekend was great because my sister, brother in law and little niece were in my hometown for my niece's christening. The whole family got together which is very rare these days. My big sis came home and I havent seen her in over two years because her and her husband were stationed in South Korea.

Me, Little Sydney, My sister

Dwayne came with me too which was awesome because I loved having everyone who is important to me in one room together for a little while.
Dwayne and I at the Reception
We had a nice buffet dinner and an amazingly good cake for the Christening.. small town bakeries, make the best stuff .. hands down!

Christening Marble Cake

When we got back down to Pittsburgh, Dwayne headed back to Charlotte and he took my first load of stuff down with him. Hopefully if we break everything up into a few trips, moving wont be so bad!

I read an article this morning that was a little disturbing to me. An article about artificially growing foods indoors to take away the uncertainty of weather, temperature and insects.

These are foods made with no sunlight! How can you grow foods that are considered nutritious without using the natural process? Will we be able to sustain ourselves on artificial foods?

It is sad that we have to go to these extremes to attempt to plan for the future of overpopulation, extreme hunger and lack of water supply. Its a scary future were headed towards folks.

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  1. Kenz,
    Realize that every generation has been disturbed by something that hangs like pending doom. The apocolypse has just been in different forms and during different centuries such as starvation, plague, locusts, pollution, the flu, small pox, and dangerous motorcyles. My generation just knew that by reading certain parts of the bible we could identify the time and date of the end of the time. It all seems to work its way out, organic, non-organic, light-based plants or those grown in the dark (e.g. fungus). Necessity is the mother of invention. :)