Friday, November 12, 2010

Pizza Enduced Hangover.. and the Console Energy Center

Good Morning Everyone,

HAPPY FRIDAY! I am so happy its Friday because I have some super fun stuff planned for this weekend.. going away party, birthday celebration, brunch with friends, and a little bit of homework but thats for Sunday morning : ) Last night was so much fun but I am definately feeling the effects of it this morning..

Last night my friend Rach invited a few of us to her brothers hockey game as a cheap way to be able to see the newly built Console Energy Center. It was beautiful on the inside!

This was the lobby..

The game was awesome to watch and the pregame was even better because they honored veterans that went to RMU..

The most moving of which was definately Pat MclVain, a former RMU Hockey player and an Army veteran who was severly wounded in Iraq. They presented him with a certificate and a flag. The crowd clapped loudly and screamed to show their support.. it was pretty moving.

This is Pat from the Jumbo Tron

 The only downfall of the night was that I am pretty sure I ate my weight in Pizza which was unnecessary and so I woke up this morning feeling like garbage. Normally I dont have any problems splurging every once in a while but this morning I felt super tired and kind of like I had a hangover.. a pizza enduced hangover.

So I have decided that today I will switch off between hot tea and water to make sure that I start to get back on track for this weekend : )


  1. Ugh...I hate food comas! You always feel so crappy when you wake up the next day. Fortunately I am not in them as much as I used to be LOL.

    Great blog BTW and I'm adding you to my reader. Take care.

  2. Thanks Vinny! For reading, commenting and adding me to your reader! I hope I dont disappoint! Have a great day : )