Sunday, October 10, 2010

Special Thanks

Hey everyone,

blogging hiatus is officially over. This weekend was a rough one. I went home on Thursday to be with my family because we had a death in our family. It was 3 days of crying, hugging and supporting my family. The only nice thing about the weekend was seeing family that I dont normally get to see. I got the cliche "I havent seen you since you were as tall as my knee" about 17 times but it was still nice to see them.

It seems also that families always help htemselves feel better in sad times by eating..and this was no different. I feel like I was either crying, hugging someone or eating. I was very happy to get back into my routine today.. to get the crying behind realize that my family was going to be ok and start feeling better by first making myself physically better. Eating that way for a few days while being sad about our loss really took a toll on my body..I was tired and down. The first way to feel better is to get back into exercise and eating right.

So this morning I got back to the gym and ran 4 miles which about killed me to do after ab a week and a half since doing that much. I ate well (except for the left over cookie I may have had)..the rest of those cookies are coming into work with me tomorrow so I can get rid of them. Its time to get back to life and always remember what a wonderful lady my grandmother was.

A big thanks to everyone who sent cards, flowers or nice messages. Its times like these when you realize how nice and caring people can be. So thank you to all my friends for being so amazing.

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