Friday, October 1, 2010

Last Night Had Its Ups and Downs : (

Good Morning everyone,

Yesterday was one of those days that started off being typical, then got really amazingly fun and then ended on a ridiculously awful note. I thought that writing about it might make me feel better since this blog is an outlet for me. Yesterday was a typical day or work and then hitting the gym, nothing special there except I was really excited because one of my very good friends Kim was going to come over!

Kim just got married a few weeks ago and I had the honor of being there to see her marry the love of her life.
One of Kims Wedding Photos

Well after she got married, her and her new hubby moved to a house that is much closer to my apartment which makes me happy because that means more hang out time.

Kim and I at WHIM in Station Square for her Bachlorette Party
So since yesterday was so rainy and gross in Pittsburgh..I asked her if she wanted to come over and Ill cook if she brings the movie. I had some of my favorite pasta in my almost bare cupboards and so I decided that I would get to work. I started cooking and before I knew it I had made a whole delicious dinner for us.

When I got home from the gym after work I was starving! I put my friend Amanda and I through a pretty intense leg work out and I am definately feeling it today..but I knew that I wasnt going to be able to control my portions if I didnt get something in my stomach before the main event. So I made myself a little romaine salad with oil and vinegar to tide me over.

It was the perfect thing to tide me over until Kim came

I make my new favorite organic spinach pasta with red sauce and home made garlic bread.

 I grabbed some health nut whole grain bread and sprayed it lightly with Pam spray .. dusted both sides with garlic salt and basil. Baked it on a rack for about 8 minutes until it was toastey. It turned out to look like a pretty awesome plate..

Looks pretty good huh?
I am such a fan of sweets too and I wanted to have some kind of dessert but Ive been working so hard in the gym lately that I didnt want something that was going to make me feel like I ruined my eating for the I searched the grocery store shelves and stumbled upon something I havent had in a super long time..butterscotch pudding! I grabbed some of the instant sugar free pudding and some light whipped cream and made it as the pasta was cooking to put in the fridge. The parfaits didnt hold theyre shape very well but they were delicious none the less..and I never told Kim they were sugar free. I dont know if she noticed or not.. but she reads this blog.. soo she knows now. (Sorry Kimmy)

Kim and I talked and solved the problems of the world over dinner and the movie "Step Brothers." ..btw.. "Do you wanna go do karate in the garage?"

While we were talking, I got an email from my dad (he thought I had class and couldnt pick up the phone) telling me that my grandma had just had hospice called in. She has had dimensia for the last 5-6 years after my grandfather passed away of hit her hard. She had to be placed under constant care and couldnt remember who anyone was.. last night she was taken off all medication and I spent the rest of my night bawling my eyes out and talking to family.. Even skyping with my big sis in South Korea.

Anyone who knows me knows that I do not handle it well when people pass away. I mean no one ever handles it well when a family member passes away, but I it is one of the things in life that makes me particularly inconsolable. I am definately going to need my family and those I care about to reach out and help support me and my family as we go through the next probably week.

So, I ask that any of my readers if you believe in God.. please say a little prayer for my grandmother in these next few days and if you dont believe in God.. just send positive thoughts our way. It would mean a lot to me. 


  1. prayers said. i know exactly what you're going if you need a cheer me up coffee or something call me =)

  2. Thanks so much! I really appreciate that!